April 23, 2021


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Tekken 7: Quick Basic Tutorial for Playing Claudio Serafino

Claudio Serafino

Claudio Serafino

Claudio Serafino is punished with Sirius Magic. He’s here to fight Devil Gene’s threats as he is a member of the Anti-Devil’s Organization from Italy.

Claudio Serafino Biography

Claudio Serafino

The character of Claudio Serafino is sarcastic and proud. He appears to mock his opponents and call them by names like “amateurs” or “an easy victory”.

He also shows a friendly gesture as he helps his opponent after defeating him, an act similar to Alisa. However, he has also been shown to practice sarcastic behaviors such as slow claps to taunt his opponents. He displayed his intimidating side mainly against his main opponents, especially those using the Devil gene. Claudio expressed his remorse and despised the situation when Mishima Zaibatsu chased the exorcists from their service.

Claudio Serafino Fighting Style

Claudio Serafino uses a command called the Sirius-Style Purification Sorcery, the so-called Sirius-Style Purification Sorcery, which can be called Sirius the intensity of his inner paradise to overpower his enemies in battle. The style combines punches, kicks, elbow, and knee blows, and shoulder handles and is done in a showy and colorful manner.

Notable Moves

f + 3

This move is extremely powerful and very flexible. It was a fairly strong hitting move from a decent range. It’s safe on the block and it also rotates, which means if you randomly drop people with this, you’ll get a pretty big portion of the damage just by throwing it out. This move can also lower and splash at certain angles, combined with the fact that the push in action makes it, even more, intimidating at the wall.


Claudio has an above-average hopkick, which is good since a lot of his strategy revolves around this landing. The crushing points are consistently low, sometimes there are high crushing points and sometimes you may even come across it in between.

f, f, F+2

Claudio Serafino

This is a very important move that Claudio Serafino has, allowing him to create a lot of pressure very quickly because it is plus on blocking it. If you learn to use iWR consistently and use this and certain midfielders share an ff move to prevent your opponent from dodging (such as ff + 4 or f + 3 with a previous dash) you will be able to easily build momentum and control the pace of the match. Doing this move also puts you on the STB for additional incorporation, making it even more powerful.

b + 4, 2

A quite suitable move for occasional use, as it tracks quite clearly both sides and against it the wall panels. When hitting it, it brings Claudio to the STB.

b + 1

One move in the middle, safe, tail swirl, another move, except for one crush. Very useful on walls like f + 3, except this move will damage the wall every time leading to his pretty good game.