April 19, 2021


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Tekken 7: Quick Basic Tutorial for Playing Lars Alexandersson



Lars Alexandersson has been one of the main characters of the Tekken series since it was first introduced in Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion and is the main character of that game and later one of the main characters in Tekken 7.

Strengths and Weaknesses



  • Firm and consistent block/whiff punishers
  • Consistent and long-range wall penetration + high damage
  • Comprehensive (in addition to his CH game)
  • His fast punches are very good and have an above-average range (1.2 / 2.1 / df + 1 / b + 1 / db + 2.1 / b + 2.1)


  • The CH game is almost non-existent, combined with barely any move for + frames on the block
  • Rage Drive is absolutely awful
  • Very risky low (not offset by a dedicated 1/2)
  • Slightly linear (offset by strong b + 1 homing moves)


As has been pointed out by many, his game plan doesn’t seem clear. He often depends on his opponent making mistakes (and punishing such mistakes in blocking/hitting). Because he has few strings (mostly just two moves) and few gimmicks (only his stance can qualify for gimmicks and only by unfamiliar players), he has to rely on the fundamentals to win and he has to work pretty hard to win compared to solid players.

Lars on the Offense

Lars has general attacks and regular 1 + 2 but we will assume that your opponent can break those moves. when reacting; then you have to use your low to open the opponent’s score, but his low is risky or set slowly (FC df + 1 + 2).

He was forced into a difficult situation where he couldn’t poke a good slot with lowers, and as such, the result might be more random since you’ll be forced to use ff + 4.3 / db + 4 / d + 1 + 2 / ff + 3 + 4. The opponent will often become nervous at the “insane low level” and will start to react and potentially make mistakes. If you’re fighting an opponent that you think is much stronger than you (based on the fundamentals), this is probably the tactic you will use (whether you want it or not), for his tools are limited.

Some players might dissuade using the lowest possible level of him, and I honestly don’t think he can be played this effectively. Tekken 7 has evolved so much compared to Tekken 6 (the other characters have gained a lot of effective tools), to the point that Lars had to use his terrifying low to win (there’s a lot you have can do by using his common d + 4 and running to your opponent to bow and use FC df + 1 + 2).

Lars on the Defense


Your opponent Pitbulls you and is pressing a lot of buttons… Unfortunately, the game of his CH is terrible so you cannot rely on it. You have to have good anticipation and punishment on the block or have good movement and punishment when blowing (b + 3,4 has the furthest range, while the f, b + 2.1 launch is optimal if you are confident enough it will hit the target).

Neither of these two situations is particularly beneficial to Lars when considering his tools, but in general, he is considered a heavy attacker character in terms of stabbing and low-level usage. risk, strain and punish everything when blocking/hitting. If you can’t punish well (due to poor knowledge of framerate data or due to slow response), unfortunately, he might not be the character for you.

If you have not worked out a strong and consistent punishment ability, you may find that Lars does nothing special. To do well with him, you’ll find yourself counting the number of frames along with the match and each +1 frame will count.