April 18, 2021


Game CMD 368

Tekken 7: Quick Basic Tutorial for Playing Lucky Chloe

Lucky Chloe

Lucky Chloe is a very aggressive, teasing character. She is good at bullying her opponents with mid-range, low range, and fast twisting strings, to break them little by little. She made a few moves that made her step back. This allows her to have access to one of the most damaging combo initiations in the game, as well as being confirmed. Her Rage Art is unique in that the rhythm allows her to take extra damage as well as different poses/animations to finish.

Lucky Chloe Rage Moves

Lucky Chloe

Rage Drive df+3+4 or BT df+3+4 i17 +4 on block

Can now be made from Backturned in Season 2. Mainly used as a combo tool for frenetic damage.

Pressing 1 + 2 while Lucky Chloe jumps gives you additional attacks (72 total damage). This hit has a medium frame. If you accurately time 1 + 2 (hit 1 + 2 when Chloe says “2”), you will see blue sparks and take additional damage (78 damage total).

You can also hold back after the first two hits to cancel Chloe’s dance and come back. From here, you can combine with the returned ground.

Rage Art 3 + 4 i17 -27 on block

The only rage art in the game hits a low. Typical rage art things.

If you hit 3 at the right time with her masterpiece kicks, she will spell the letters in her name. She will pose in a different pose and deal more damage depending on how well you spell her name.

  • 50 damage if you get less than 4 letters of her name
  • Does 60 damage if you get 4 or 5 letters of her name
  • Does 65 damage if you get all 5 letters in her name plus “Lucky”

Lucky Chloe Wall combos

b3+4  f3+4,3+4

Wall matching has the highest damage if you can get a wall with enough time to manually rollback using b3 + 4. You will usually be able to get this if you get a symbol with f2.1 + 2 or ff + 3 from range.

1  df+1  3,4 

Final damage is highest in Season 2 if you don’t have time to roll back. Ending with 3, b instead of 3.4 cards you go back up where you can tie 50/50 between BT d3 + 4 and BT 3.3 + 4.


Now, Lucky Chloe is fully crouched in season 2, so you can go straight into the mix between

FC df + 1(low) and FC df + 2(mid + wallsplat)


Use this on stages where you can break floors. Also works well… If they come back quickly, you can force a 50/50 combination of df + 4 and ff + 3 or b + 3.


Lucky Chloe

Throw 2 + 4 when Lucky Chloe returns to the wall:

This throw will throw your opponent behind you and will cause them to face up and put their feet away, right between you and the wall.

Guaranteed b + 1 if they do anything but stand upright. B + 1 will hit the wall if they try to backtech.