April 19, 2021


Game CMD 368

Tekken 7: Quick Basic Tutorial for Playing Noctis Lucis Caelum



Noctis has a few distinct traits that separate him from the rest of the cast. His Df2 is the best whiff punisher in the game, as well as an incredible block punisher. Responsive movements are easily handled, since df2. Df2’s range alone will tell you that his reach is also one of his unique traits. He can control the space well.

Noctis Punishers



  • 10f – 1,2,2 | +1 on hit | 27 damage
  • 12f – b1,2 | +7 on hit | 31 damage
  • 14f – b3,1 | Knd | 37 damage
  • 15f – df2 | Launch | 15 damage
  • 16f – f1+2 | Knd | 24 damage

While standing:

  • 11f – ws4 | +5 on hit | 15 damage
  • 13f – ws1,2 | +2 oc | 33 damage
  • 15f – ws2,2 | S! launch | 29 damage
  • 17f – uf3 | Launch | 27 damage

BT punish:

  • 2,2,2,2,2 guaranteed db1+2
  • 1,2,1+2
  • df4,2 df4,2
  • df4,2,4 (wall splat)

Noctis Useful moves

1 + 2

This is a high-movement move that acts as a CH launcher. -14 on the block, but there’s cancel to make it safe.

If you do cancel, the move won’t initiate a CH, instead you’ll be at -3 on hitting.

f2 warp strike, really don’t need much explanation. It’s the move anyone can beg for as we get 2d characters with their obnoxious fireballs. Long-range whip punishment machine makes you close your opponent with oki pretty. However, linearity will most likely suffer a lot, so use it primarily as a sniffing penalty. Safety on the block.

f1 + 2

This isn’t exactly a good move, but it’s cheap. This move has more attacks than Noctis with the pain box, meaning the opponent needs a long-range move to consistently punish it. May be helpful for setting up whiffs. Iffy at the wall (you’re sucked in), but can act as a suitable baffle nonetheless. See the section ‘helpful links’ for visualization.

df1 is your general average gaping tool for opening loopholes. df1 is -1 on blocking and +7 on hit, and slightly watched to his left. Use -1 to predict/read what your opponent will do. You can step, you can attack, you can strike or undo, many options at -1. Extensions are available in df1.4 – medium, high, no jail. It’s an NCC and has a small (very) hit-confirmation window. Wallsplats / type down.

General gameplan


Your general style with Noctis is to cut off your opponents with small slot punches like df1, 2,2, db1,1 + 2, db3 and use ff1 + 2 to catch fish for a counterattack/counter step. Poke while using movement as your weapon. Whiff punishes whatever your opponent does with df2. His little slit punches have mind games inside them, so you can use that to unleash your opponents.

In short, Noctis is the worst yet unique version of the poke-y df1 character, while at the same time one of the most powerful punishment characters the game has to offer. The uniqueness in the slot punches cannot be assessed and lacks the fast highcrush tool. You can play him at 0 range but it will be beneficial for the opponent most of the time.