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POLARIS GAMING vs BOOM Esports Prediction – BTS Pro Series – 09/18

POLARIS GAMING vs BOOM Esports prediction

POLARIS GAMING vs BOOM Esports prediction

POLARIS GAMING vs BOOM Esports prediction on September 18, 2021. In fact, the new POLARIS GAMING is the team that is more appreciated in the laning phase. Besides Mac’s position in the middle is worse in terms of laning, the other positions are better.


Better signals have come to POLARIS GAMING in recent matches. But it seems that alone is not enough for them to dream of a position in the top half of the rankings. 

The fact that 7 matches have gone through POLARIS GAMING with 2 wins, 2 draws and 3 losses is not a bad achievement. But 100% of the losses are against strong opponents like Team SMG or Galaxy Racer Esports. Therefore, in the confrontation with BOOM Esports coming here, the defeat for POLARIS GAMING is not too surprising.

BOOM Esports Overview

BOOM Esports just received a defeat against Team SMG in BTS Pro Series, which was also predicted before their performance was worse. However, the opportunity for BOOM Esports to end the group stage with a place in the next round is coming very close. The opponent in this round is only POLARIS GAMING. The outstanding strength will help this team bring home a victory without meeting too much difficulty.

POLARIS GAMING vs BOOM Esports prediction

If we talk about the champion pool, they are a team with a fairly limited champion pool. It makes BOOM Esports able to use bans/picks to somewhat limit the strength of the opponent. 

Not only that, but BOOM Esports is a team with too much experience in the early game. They will not get caught up in the risky double play that POLARIS GAMING creates. Even POLARIS GAMING is the team that is more prone to counterattacks. Palos is too experienced in the jungle so he will be there in time if the opponent wants to threaten the lives of his teammates.

In terms of total combat ability, the superiority comes from BOOM Esports, which means that this team’s strategy is not focused on finding an advantage in the early game. BOOM Esports wants to have a quiet time in the laning phase to accumulate the necessary equipment. Then they understand the opponent’s playstyle, they launch counterattacks. 

Another very important parameter that BOOM Esports is better at is the overall contribution to the game. This is completely inferior to POLARIS GAMING. Because they are just a newly formed team so they cannot achieve the match completely. 

Especially, cml’s sp position is playing quite sporadically, not compatible with teammates. The lack of connection in the squad is also the reason why POLARIS GAMING cannot win against strong teams. From the above reasons, experts predict the final score is 2-0 in favor of BOOM Esports. It is also the most appropriate score when the two sides’ strengths are quite different.

POLARIS GAMING vs BOOM Esports bet prediction

POLARIS GAMING vs BOOM Esports total score prediction:

  • Game 1: POLARIS GAMING 0-1 BOOM Esports
  • Game 2: POLARIS GAMING 0-1 BOOM Esports

Total score 0-2 

Handicap bet (BOOM Esports is handicapped 1.5 )

Choose BOOM Esports

First Blood:

  • Game 2: BOOM Esports

Total Kill Point:

  • Game 1: POLARIS GAMING 21-38 BOOM Esports (Over)
  • Game 2: POLARIS GAMING 24-36 BOOM Esports (Over)


POLARIS GAMING: Natsumi-, Boombacs, Mac,  Nikko, cml

BOOM Esports: Palos, Tims, Yopaj,  Fbz, Skem