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POLARIS GAMING vs Neon Esports Prediction – BTS Pro Series – 11/05

POLARIS GAMING vs Neon Esports Prediction

POLARIS GAMING vs Neon Esports Prediction

POLARIS GAMING vs Neon Esports prediction on November 05, 2021. In terms of carry, POLARIS GAMING is showing a slight edge over Neon Esports, they have Natsumi- in the jungle and Mac in the mid lane. These two players both possess extremely good personal skills, promising to take a big advantage in the laning phase.


POLARIS GAMING is facing a difficult match when this round’s opponent is Neon Esports. Although they are having an impressive series of unbeaten matches in the last 3 matches, Neon Esports is not an easy opponent. Statistics of the last 4 times met, although POLARIS GAMING won 2 wins and 2 draws. However, it should be remembered that this is a bo2 bet, so an overwhelming victory is very difficult.

Neon Esports Overview

Neon Esports can play unconvincingly in other tournaments. But in BTS Pro Series alone, they are having a good record, as of the time of writing Neon Esports brought 2 battles and 1 draw and received only 1 loss. However, it is very difficult to win against POLARIS GAMING at this time. 

Statistics show that in the last 9 matches Neon Esports only won 3 wins, 2 draws, the remaining 4 losses. Therefore, a draw is probably what Neon Esports is aiming for, but it is difficult to knock POLARIS GAMING.

POLARIS GAMING vs Neon Esports Prediction

POLARIS GAMING’s gameplay recently is also more about winning quickly. They don’t hesitate to fight at the beginning to take advantage to snowball the opponent. This tactic can perfectly suit teams that are in high form like POLARIS GAMING. Especially when Neon Esports is showing signs of a sideways performance.

To achieve that, POLARIS GAMING must crush the mid-lane. As well as defeat Enryu in the offlane position as soon as possible in order to quickly clear the wings and quickly take away the turret tower. However, according to experts, POLARIS GAMING is probably only successful in game 1. Entering game 2 Neon Esports will have the preparation no longer to let the opponent suddenly take advantage. 

Remember that despite being weak in carry positions, Neon Esports’ sp duo is very impressive. They can completely hold turrets as well as thoroughly protect their Palos jungler. Offlane Enryu is also an experienced player, so if the other lanes don’t collapse he can buy enough time for his teammates to arrive in time. 

If the game is prolonged, it will be Neon Esports who will be more beneficial in this match. They have many members who possess extremely impressive teamfights. Therefore, if you can survive the laning phase without losing too much, in the middle of the game Neon Esports can completely narrow the gap between the two teams and end with a perfect flip.

POLARIS GAMING vs Neon Esports Bet Prediction

POLARIS GAMING vs Neon Esports total score prediction:

  • Game 1: POLARIS GAMING 1-0 Neon Esports
  • Game 2: POLARIS GAMING 0-1 Neon Esports

Total score 1-1 (Neon Esports wins the handicap 1.5)

First blood:

  • Game 2: Neon Esports

Total rounds:

  • Game 1: POLARIS GAMING 32-17 Neon Esports (Under)
  • Game 2: POLARIS GAMING 24-36 Neon Esports (Over)


POLARIS GAMING: Natsumi-,  Mac, Boombacs, Nikko, cml

Neon Esports: Palos, Hustla, Mamang Daya,  Enryu, you_K