April 19, 2021


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Popol and Kupa Mobile Legends New Season: Build Up, Emblems

Popol and Kupa

Popol and Kupa

As the hero to appear in the world of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Popol and Kupa possess a unique “two in one” mechanism, with the boy Popol, the marksman from Iceland, and his four-legged friend, Kupa always sides by side.

Skills of Popol and Kupa

Popol and Kupa

Passive: We Are Friend

Popol is always fighting with his close partner, Kupa. After Kupa leaves the fight, Popol will quickly help Kupa recover her HP. And even if Kupa is defeated, Popol can pray to summon Kupa back to the battlefield. Kupa benefits from Popol’s equipment stats.

After every 4 attacks, Popol’s Basic Attack damage increases. The empowered Normal attack allows Popol to accumulate more damage, and after Kupa leaves the fight, gliding Kupa’s HP back will significantly increase Kupa’s survivability.

Tip: take advantage as long as they are still together. The player can also control Kupa, so it’s important to make sure that Kupa’s health is stable. In addition, the Kupa summoning time causes you to stand still for 3 seconds, so players need to pay attention to find a safe location before summoning.

Skill 1: Bite ‘Em, Kupa!

Popol throws a spear at the target, inflicting Physical Damage, and at the same time orders Kupta to bite the target to inflict Physical Damage and keep attacking for a while.

While in “Wolfhead”, Kupa can attack from a distance, dealing bonus damage and stunning the target.

Tip: This skill is the main damage source. It allows both to target precisely. In-state “Wolfhead”, with just three attacks, the target’s HP will be pulled down significantly.

Skill 2: Kupa, Help!

Popol calls Kupa to protect himself, grant an amount of Virtual Armor, damaging and slowing down nearby targets.

While in “Wolfhead”, Kupa will knock nearby targets and deal additional damage to them when near Popol.

Tip: This is their main defense skill. During its peak moments, Kupa’s Virtual Armor will ensure the safety of Popol. And when Kupa is by his side, Popol will have a chance to turn the game around. In addition, this skill also creates an extremely large Anti-Compensation effect when Kupa is in the state of “Wolfhead”.

Skill 3: Popol’s Surprise

Popol places a trap at the target location, the trap will root the target and touch, and at the same time, the trap will explode and create a temporary cold air zone. Targets standing in the affected area will have their speed reduced. Popol can place up to 3 traps at the same time.

Tip: This skill will be extremely helpful in a dilemma because 3 traps can effectively protect both Popol and his teammates from the oppression of the opponent.

Skill 4: We Are Angry!

Popol and Kupa become enraged together, increasing their Attack Speed ​​and Movement Speed. At the same time, Kupa enters the state of “Wolfhead”, fully heals and increases damage to skill 1 and skill 2.

Tip: This is their primary skill. The additional Attack Speed ​​and Movement Speed ​​will take their damage output to new heights. Should be used in the middle of fighting to maximize Kupa’s HP recovery, and at the same time, players will easily fly opponents’ kites, or be able to escape difficult situations.

Battle spells and Emblems for Popol and Kupa

Popol and Kupa

Battle spell:

Sprint – Retribution – Flameshot


Marksman Emblem: Greed – Doom – Weakness Finder

How to build items for Popol and Kupa

  • Swift Boots + Demon Hunter Sword + Endless Battle + Scarlet Phantom + Berserker’s Fury + Blade of Despair
  • Swift Boots + Demon Hunter Sword + Endless Battle + Blade of Despair + Melafic Roar + Haa’s Claw
  • Raptor Machete + Swift Boots + Demon Hunter Sword + Endless Battle + Golden Staff + Blade of Despair