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Guilty Gear XRD REV 2: Potemkin Special Moves, Instant Kill


Potemkin is the protagonist of Guilty Gear. He uses short chains in combination with moves like Hammerfall to overwhelm and make his opponent make a mistake, then punishes their reaction or omission.

Potemkin Playstyle


He uses short chains in combination with moves like Hammerfall to overwhelm and make his opponent make a mistake, then punishes their reaction or omission.


  • Grappler Normals: Relatively high ranged stats with damage per hit.
  • Potemkin Buster: Get orders extremely fast with a large scope.
  • High damage potential: Deals switch damage from corner shots or Potemkin Buster.
  • Easy Stun: Output stunned above average. Dizzy and Raven can easily be stunned with just a 6H counterhit.
  • Efficient withdrawal: Extremely invincible reverse feedback.
  • Massive Stamina: The most effective amount of health in the game. He has a defense multiplier of 0.93. He also has the highest stun resistance in the entire game and is an unbeatable frontier.
  • Not completely useless against Zoners: F.D.B and Slidehead allow him to handle zoning.


  • Slow and Heavy: Very poor portability. Makes access very difficult. He also has a 5f dance boot, which makes him very grounded.
  • Rushdown Sensitive: Very few options to deal with enemy pressure.
  • Slow rating: Starts very long on most benchmarks.
  • Large frame: The large storage box extends above normal.
  • Weird Supers: Unusual overdose with difficult usage.

Special Moves

  • Heat Knuckle: Heat Knuckle is his anti-air attack. He raises his hand at a 45-degree angle, and if the opponent is caught, they will lock his hand on fire.
  • Megafist: He jumps forward or backward with a heavy double punch. Although he doesn’t fly into the air immediately, he does have some invulnerability to his lower body from frame 1.
  • Slide Head: He stepped back, then slammed his massive body to the ground, creating a shock wave.
  • Hammer Fall: He pressure and mobility tools. He lunged forward on the ground, arms outstretched, then slammed them together when he was within range of the opponent.
  • F.D.B.: Potemkin kneels and propped up his arm, storing energy and releasing it with a quick snap of his finger. The movie itself has a giant hitbox, which is much larger than its animated recommendations and can either wobble opponents on hit or keep you safe when blocked.
  • Potemkin Buster: His signature attack and is one of the most terrifying command commands of all fighting games. He pulls his opponent up, hangs them over his head, then jumps into the air and knocks them out before throwing them aside. Deals high damage, has long-range and extremely fast launch.
  • Trishula: His new basic special move, he bent down and trembled for a moment before exploding in a pillar of fire. Has high vertical reach, but barely has horizontal reach.
  • I.C.P.M: His new air special move, he squeezes himself as if he is in front of attention and thrusts himself in the air in an arc, leaving a trail of smoke after awakening. This move is in effect until he hits the ground.

Potemkin Instant Kill

  • Indicate the right time for you, your opponent in Hellfire mode and you have 50% Tension
  • Can’t be blitzed like other IK. Much cooler than Magnum Opera.