How to build Aphelios – Powerful Aphelios build in League of Legends!

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New interface and skill set to hack players’ brains with 5 weapons, Aphelios season 10 deserves to be the most difficult champion of League of Legends ADC with below Aphelios build guide! Along learn how to play, the way to Aphelio for the 148th champion.

How to build Aphelios - Powerful Aphelios build in League of Legends!

Summoner Spell and Rune for Aphelios Build

Summoner Spell

How to build Aphelios - Powerful Aphelios build in League of Legends!

The two summoner spells suitable for Aphelios build pro are Flash ​​and Heal (or Barrier). Because of being a less mobile Aphelios build guide, Flash ​​is an indispensable choice, Heal helps you fight early in the game better. With fragile physique, Barrier is also an appropriate choice to replace Health.


The Aphelios build can use the main pearl as “ Press the Attack” or ‘ Conquerer” for the lane position.

As a type of champion with a rich and continuous amount of damage like other traditional ADC, Aphelios build pro is ready to attack advantageously with “ Press the Attack” and has the ability to exchange good skills and maximize the damage done.

“ Press the Attack” - Precision
“ Press the Attack” – Precision

In addition, Conqueror also proved quite suitable for Aphelios build guide when he has the ability to accumulate 10 stacks quite quickly, bringing the amount of damage and significant recovery.

The Presicion: “ Conqueror”
The Presicion: “ Conqueror”

Sub-branch depending on your preferences and play style with this Aphelios build guide.

How to get Aphelios Build

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The way of Aphelios build is quite similar to other traditional AD when focusing on Crit items and a few Attack Speed and “Armor Penetration” speed items, making ‘basic Attack” also his skills more quality.

The first equipment for Aphelios build pro should be as follows:

  • If in the ad position, you should go to shoes rampaging to hit
  • If you are in the lane, you should be rich in “ Ninja Tapi” or “Mercury’s.


  • The most powerful way to build Aphelios
  • On the above you map up for Aphelios AD to learn from super AD carry Deft. Or the following equipment is also extremely optimal:
How to build Aphelios - Powerful Aphelios build in League of Legends!

Full set of Critical equipment for Aphelios as follows:

How to build Aphelios - Powerful Aphelios build in League of Legends!

Strengths and weaknesses Aphelios

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of Aphelios build

Advantages – Strengths:

  • A rich set of Aphelios skills. If this general, you can “Hit and Run” + do things you can not imagine with him.
  • No need to add skills, just + attack speed + damage + integrated armor penetration.
  • Has armor penetration stat without equipment.
  • Aphelios build pro possesses a massive amount of mixed damage (Physical Damage + AP or Ability Power) and progressively increases with level
  • Quickly MINION DEMATERIALIZER – deft towers alone by his Boomerang Pillar.
  • Strong damage – good recovery – “Hit and Run” the enemy team to death.
  • Keep our team and the enemy team strong.


  • It takes a long time to learn skills.
  • There are weaknesses that every gunner has.
  • Need fluency – thinking when changing gas cases.

Interface and Skills of Aphelios Build

Interface and all skills of Aphelios

  • 1, 2, 3: Main weapon and the remaining “Moonlight”.
  • 4: If there are less than 10 “Moonlight”, this counter will appear.
  • 5: Secondary weapon and remaining “MoonLight”.
  • 6: The next weapon.
  • 7: Index increase table (respectively: Damage, Attack Speed, Armor penetration plus).

There are two very interesting things that make Aphelios different from the rest of the League.

  • Firstly, Aphelios really only has 2 skills Q and R, and W actually only uses to convert his 2 existing weapons.
  • Secondly, you do not need to level up your skills. The build ability will automatically upgrade when leveling up, starting at level 2 he will have the Q skill and will upgrade the skill himself when leveling up. But on the contrary, you will have to choose to upgrade between his 3 stats: Damage, Attack Speed ​​and Armor Penetration.
  • Each weapon of Aphelios build pro has 50 Moonlight. When using Q skill will consume 10 Moonlight, R will not take The Moonlight.

Please note, after the weapons run out, the Moonlight will take a small amount of time to change to new weapons. You can “cheat” the Moonlight if you use Q when it’s still under 10 Moonlight, but then he will still switch to a new weapon immediately.

Guide to adding stats for the Aphelios Build

Perhaps the 5 Weapons mechanism was more than enough trouble, so upgrading the stats didn’t seem that difficult.

How to build Aphelios - Powerful Aphelios build in League of Legends!

Depending on the direction of the and the match occurrence, you will choose to upgrade 1 of 3 stats, Attack Speed and Armor Penetration every time you reach Level.

Each Index will have 6 upgrade levels and you can use the mouse or the combination of Ctrl + Q, Ctrl + W, Ctrl + E to upgrade quickly.

  • Damage: 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24.
  • Attack speed: 6%, 12%, 18%, 24%, 30%, 36%.
  • Armor Penetration: 3%, 6%, 9%, 12%, 15%, 18%

How to play Aphelios ADC

The first phase of the match:

In the early game, Aphelios was extremely weak. The amount of damage is not high, the ADC is fragile and less maneuverable – Aphelios easily becomes an “easy” prey for the bot and Jungle team. Therefore, at this time his main task is to focus on farming and plugging eyes to avoid ganking.

Mid-game phase:

As in Aphelios build guide, at this point, Aphelios has a few necessary types of equipment, a relatively large amount of damage and especially Ultimate can cause damage to finish the target or take advantage of the team fight.

Now Aphelios Build can call on his Jungle team to gank and take advantage and come to eat big targets (Tower, Dragon and Rift Herald).

Final game:

This is when Aphelios build pro is fully equipped and dealing with damage. Just by holding the position and the protection from the team, he can inflict tremendous damage to the enemy.

In addition to finishing the target, Aphelios build pro‘s ultimate can also be used to open battles with huge amounts of super large damage on a wide area. Despite the enormous amount of explosive damage, be careful because the wall is fragile and lacks mobility.

He is almost incapable of protecting himself from assassins, so keep your priority in the team fight Combat!

Good teammate for Aphelios build

Due to the fragile nature and less maneuverability, the Support has the ability to buff and protect will help him comfortable discharge damage.

Suggestions: Lulu, Janna, Thresh, …

How to counter Aphelios build

The assassin approaching and cornering damage is Aphelios’s nightmare.

He is weak in the early game, so the gunner, the support is controlled and the early attack trend is his hard counter.

Typically: Blitzcrank, Thresh, Leona, Lucian, Draven, …


Above we have shared of Aphelios build guide season 10 and guide Aphelios for your reference. Wish you climb the rank of successful gank team ranking with General Song Nguyet Warrior in the arena of justice.

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