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Powerful Oden Loadout Guide For Warzone

Oden Loadout

Oden Loadout

The Oden Loadout shown in this guide focuses on increasing damage and range. Oden itself, without any attachments, is quite strong, but with the right accessories, this weapon cuts through armor and health. You won’t have much agility as movement is not the main focus of this reload, however, you will have excellent range and extremely high damage.

This loading is still a bit jerky, so you’ll still need to do some manual controls. Don’t worry though, it’s not too difficult, and some of the attachments we recommend should help control the recoil. The optic used is exceptionally precise.

About Oden

Oden Loadout

Oden is one of the most powerful weapons in Modern Warfare (and expansion, Warzone) when it comes to DPS (Damage Per Second). As a powerful gun, but not many players choose this Assault Rifle due to its high recoil. This gun will take some getting used to, as you will need to get used to its recoil pattern.

Oden Loadout: Muzzle

For the Snout, you will need to choose Colossus Suppressor. Usually, we recommend Monolithic Suppressor, but in this case, Colossus Suppressor is the ideal choice for this Oden Loadout due to different circumstances.

It not only blocks your shots, but also increases the damage range and recoil control. This is compared to Monolithic Suppressor, which only gives you increased damage range and gunfire suppression.

Since we have determined that Oden has a sizeable effect on it, the Colossus Suppressor seems like a suitable Muzzle accessory for it. However, due to its enormous size, it reduces your mobility a bit.

Oden Loadout: Barrel

You need to choose the longest Barrel available for Oden Loadout, which is the 810mm Oden Factory. It will significantly reduce your ADS speed and overall movement speed. However, it makes up for that with better damage range, bullet speed, and recoil control.

It is important that your bullet speed is high because in Warzone you can engage in long-range battles and that’s when your bullet velocity comes into play. If you have high ammo speed, then there won’t be any bullets falling off and you won’t need to lead your shots.


Choose Merc Foregrip as your Underbarrel for extra control over recoil and shot accuracy. The reason we needed to increase the accuracy of the horizontal gun was the slow ADS speed. You will not be able to quickly aim when in a CQC (Close Quarter Combat) situation.

Some might argue that Commando Foregrip is better and you can use it if you want. However, it won’t give you the ability to increase gun accuracy – just stabilize the recoil.

Oden Loadout: Ammunition

Oden Loadout

For Ammo, carry 30 Round Bullets as you need the maximum ammo capacity possible in Warzone. You’ll have to battle multiple enemy players and running out of ammo mid-battle is the last thing you need.

Oden Loadout: Optic

The last attachment you need for your Oden Loadout is the VLK 3.0x Optic, for even greater accuracy and range thanks to its 3.0x magnification. You can take down targets at reasonable distances, but recoil will also be difficult to control at a long-range. You shouldn’t have much of an issue with mid to slightly longer recoil.

You can of course choose whichever Optic attachment you like for your Oden, as this is a personal preference. But our recommended Optic is the VLK 3.0x Optic.