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Praey For The Gods Guide – Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Praey For The Gods

There are many aspects of a game that would make it memorable, but a top pick is boss fights. Games like Shadow of Colossus, Titan Souls, and Praey for the Gods are based almost entirely around spectacular boss battles. The latter comes from No Vates Studios, a small team that funded the title via Kickstarter.

Walking – Praey for the Gods

Praey For The Gods 2

Many memorable stories revolve around the struggles of a group of adventurers traveling across the land. It certainly adds an extra level of influence to your achievements when you are forced to travel far to achieve them. In the Praey for the Gods, the island you are on is larger than it seems and is covered in snow.

This emphasizes the harshness of the environment and the severity of winter, which is something you will need to deal with. You don’t have a reliable steed or vehicle, so take advantage of the sails and grappling hooks when you’re taller as you’ll be spending most of your time trudging through knee-high snow.

Ghosts Are Tenacious – Praey for the Gods

Praey For The Gods 1

As if the Titanic gods and endless winter weren’t bad enough, the frozen island is overrun with other hostile creatures. To be fair, most journeys can be made risk-free and peaceful, but sometimes conflict is inevitable. There are certain areas where Undead soldiers will emerge from the snow with the goal of having you join their ranks. As long as you prepare properly, you should be able to handle these opponents on your own.

The bad news is that the Undead take more than one form, with a greater annoyance than that of the Wraiths. These ghosts appear as bits of mist and transform once you get close. They will chase and force you to rip your health, and some will use explosive energy attacks. If you warn them, start running.

Crates Equal Loot


All Survival Games offer a variety of mechanics and gameplay in terms of finding some materials. Since the game revolves around hunting, gathering, and crafting it makes sense to have as many options as much as possible. Of course, this means that some materials will be easier to gather, which is how it is in Praey for the Gods.

Frozen Island is quite barren but offers a lot of resources like wood from trees and berries from bushes. However, if you hope to keep your weapons in shape and your outfit up to date, you’ll need to find crates. These wooden trunks conceal materials like rope and fabric, which are needed for upgrades and repairs – so keep an eye out for them.

Storms Happen A Lot – Praey for the Gods

Praey For The Gods

Your goal on the island is to find the giant gods and bring them down, which will require you to brave frozen waste. You’ll have a rowing fabric to get through large gaps and a grappling hook to help with climbing, but most of the time will be spent on the feet. Moving through the snow will slowly start to freeze you and your stamina will drain faster as the snow falls deeper.

What aggravates this is when the blizzard comes on suddenly, cutting through you like an ice knife. It will work against you when surfing and will freeze you faster to the point where it starts to affect your health. Make sure you have plenty of wood to start fires on your way and upgrade your clothes to combat the cold.