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Prefire tips every CSGO gamer should know

Prefire tips

Prefire tips

CSGO may require you to think smarter than your opponent, but sometimes what the game needs is a good way of thinking, listening to sounds, knowing techniques like prefire, and a little luck to win. This article will show you some prefire tips that will be very helpful for you in the game.

When fans think of Counter-Strike, they immediately think of interesting gunfights and impressive flick shots, but many of them come from a tactic called “prefire.” Prefire is the first thing you shoot where you think your opponent will be right before you actually see them, and it can help you take frag easily in the game.

Prefire in CSGO is easy to learn and easy to absorb – Prefire tips

Prefire tips

Taking T Ramp in Mirage map as a clear example of a prefire strategy. Many CTs often stand near the ticket booth, hiding behind the box facing CT. If T peek out and shoot straight on that position instead of waiting to see if anyone can see, they can make a kill, making CT surprised. It sounds complicated, but it’s actually one of CSGO’s easiest prefire tips to learn.

Prefire is an easy-to-understand and comprehensible skill, but it requires practice. Luckily, the map designs in CSGO make this easier. For example, Mirage, the textures, and items in the map are designed to help to keep the headshot aligned. The fact that the boxes are stacked on top of the triple box is proof of that idea. Specifically, you can draw a line across the bombsite and see how the arrangement of CSGO helps players learn prefire.

These suggestions from the map are not random. Good game designers build them to make it easier for players to shoot. Using them is a great way to know where to keep your gun. Slowly, this skill will become your reflex. For those who are practicing CSGO, you should pay attention to these suggestions from each map.

Inferno’s Banana is designed for prefire phases

Prefire tips

Banana is sometimes difficult to control, especially if CT has advantages in terrain. However, you should keep an eye on the horizontal line where CT heads are present, regardless of which peek position they are in the banana.

Since deploying attacks to a bombsite is a major goal in CSGO, the best way to counter CT with this strategy is to choose a smart position. One of the good prefire tips from T can erase the defensive position of CT, giving an advantage to T. 

According to statistics, professional teams win about 70% of the round when they win the first network first. While we are not professional players, your win rate also increases if you have an advantage over people and the prefire technology in CSGO is one of the best and reliable ways to do that.