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Full preview of eight new LoL Space Groove skins

new LoL Space Groove skins

new LoL Space Groove skins

The new LoL Space Groove skins line is about to hit Summoner’s Rift, and things are about to get groovy. Here is the Full preview of eight new LoL Space Groove skins.

The LoL Space Groove skins were first teased in 2021 live stream

The Space Groove skins were first teased in Riot’s 2021 live stream in January. The Space Groove Blitzcrank skin was revealed during this live stream, but no one expected it to include so many champions. The overall theme revolves around space and a plethora of neon colors. For champions like Rumble and Nasus, the traditional champion model has been replaced by small furry animals.

Riot provided a detailed look at eight new LoL Space Groove skins in a recent Public Beta Environment (PBE) preview. Cosmetics for seven different champions will be included in the skins, with a special prestige edition for Lulu. Blitzcrank, Nunu, Nasus, Rumble, Lux, and Samira are among the other champions featured in the new skin line. The skins will represent the champions in never before seen ways, thanks to a silly space theme.

Nasus is now controlled by a small dog hidden beneath his helmet, whereas Rumble and Blitzcrank are now controlled by small cat-like creatures. The skins will be the beginning of a completely new theme, which may garner more attention throughout the year. In addition, the skins will be released alongside a new Space Groove event.

This event will include the featured game mode One for All as well as other features. To cap off the event, a new champion release of the rumored AP top lane fighter is expected. This champion is expected to receive a Space Groove skin as well, but this has yet to be revealed.

A quick look at the new skins

Space Groove Blitzcrank

Space Groove Lux

Space Groove Nasus

Space Groove Nunu & Willump

Space Groove Rumble

Space Groove Samira

Space Groove Lulu and The Prestige Edition

In the coming weeks, the new LoL Space Groove skin line will be available for testing on the PBE before being released on live servers. Patch 11.7 is scheduled to be released on live servers on March 31.