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Prey – The Corpse Vanishes Full Guide Walkthrough

Corpse Vanishes

Corpse Vanishes is one of the many side quests in Prey. In it, you need to rob a dead person’s house. While it sounds morally questionable, it is unlikely that anyone will inherit his fortune. Plus, it’s worth doing because the quest provides some interesting lore.

Starting The Mission – Corpse Vanishes

Corpse Vanishes

The emails in Prey include some interesting hidden details, and one contains the agent that triggers this task. It sits on John Gravilociv’s computer in the Research and Design office – the first desk next to the Simulation Lab. The email reveals that Sylvain Bellamy took something important from the research department and his body is at the Trauma Center.

Searching The Trauma Center

In the Corpse Vanishes, from the email, it’s clear that you need to go to the Trauma Center. And if you don’t have access to that particular room, you can get a keycard from the front desk in the Lobby or from Bianca Goodwin’s office, which is on the top floor.

When you step inside the Trauma Center, you’ll notice that Bellamy’s body isn’t there. So go to the computer on the desk and read the upcoming Casualties email. It says that the body you are looking for has indeed been transferred to Psychotronics. Next to the monitor you’re using is Bellamy’s tracking bracelet, so pick that one up.

Finding The Body – Corpse Vanishes

Corpse Vanishes

You are given access to the Psychotronics area as part of the main story. Once inside, head down to the Morgue to find that the body you’re looking for is behind a locked door. Below are some ways you can do to overcome:

  • Using The Huntress Boltcaster – A trick that only the pros will know is that you can use the foam darts from the Boltcaster to open the door. In this case, open the barricaded window of the room and shoot the dart at the panel next to the locked door.
  • Use Imitation Material Ability – With this skill, you can transform into a small item and jump through a window into the Morgue.
  • Waiting for the Science Operator – Possibly the most tedious way to enter the Morgue is to wait for the Science Administrator to open the door. The machine enters the room every 30 minutes, which also gives you a chance to enter the room. But you should know that time doesn’t go by fast in Prey.

Once you go inside, you can find Bellamy’s body a few feet from the door. Loot his body to get the keycard to his room. Also, you might want to get a Morgue keycard in your room in case you want to come back any time.

Reaping The Rewards

Corpse Vanishes

The next step in the Corpse Vanishes, now heads to the Incubator area to access one of the better locations in Talos 1: Crew Zone. You are looking for Bellamy’s location, located in the Cabins B section of the Crew. When you enter his zone, pick up the Nueromods to your left and the chipset from his desk. Then make sure to transfer the file Bellamy has about you from his computer.