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Heroes of the Storm: Probius Talent Build Guide


Probius is a long-range Assassin who excels at controlling the area by setting up and activating a variety of structures and abilities. When given the chance, he can create a devastating gauntlet that can paralyze entire enemy teams. His bread and butter skill combo (Disrupt Pulse / Warp Rift) can deal massive amounts of AoE damage to multiple enemies, while the Photon Cannon will kill anyone and everyone who gets lost. near the. At Level 10, he can choose between damage (Pylon Overcharge) and utility (Null Gate), either of which will greatly aid his ally in battle.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Probius



  • Good AoE burst damage
  • Excellent zoning potential
  • Reliable waveclear
  • Strong sustained power, Mana regen impressive through Warp In Pylon Icon Warp In Pylon
  • Competition goals can be achieved in the long run
  • The very high skill ceiling


  • Very low Healthpool
  • Vulnerable to crowd-control
  • Inability to reliably hard crowd control such as stun or root
  • Hard learning curve
  • Unreliable damage

Talent Build Probius

Warp Rift Build

The Warp Rift Build focuses on his ability to localize enemy Heroes from himself or points of interest, such as Map Objectives or Buildings. Likewise, this build allows him to do a substantial amount of damage by utilizing talents like Warp Resonance at Level 1 and Rift Shock at Level 7. To help maximize crowd control and his explosive damage, we’d recommend Null Gate at Level 10, but it’s hard to use, so Pylon Overcharge could be an option too.

At Level 20, the Probius Loop can cause repeated Warp Rift explosions (and now get buffed) if he tries to keep hitting enemy Heroes with it. Gate Keeper is also an option on maps where targets are forced to fight at certain points, like Infernal Shrines or Volskaya Foundry. We recommend setting up various Null Gates before the target spawns, so the enemy will have difficulty moving forward.

BGuy Build

BGuy Build is dedicated to BGuy, a Grandmaster Probius multiplayer who knows Hero well inside and out and is friendly enough to share his knowledge with us. At Level 1, Mineral Collection makes his Photon Cannon more durable, works well with Tower Defense at Level 7, and – if needed – a Level 4 Photon Barrier.

Pylon Overcharge is usually a good Hero Skill Most are intended for him, especially when playing as an aggressive side laner, as the Racks are empowered to help during sieges but also allow him to escape enemy attack by descending on the siege.

In the later stages of the game, Shield Battery is an excellent support tool not only for him but also for all of his surrounding allies. At Level 20, Extra Pillar Building is a great finishing tool for increasing his damage and mana regeneration.

Synergies and Counters

Synergizes with:

He works best with Heroes that provide a solid frontline with which he can seek refuge behind him, as well as an assist that can aid in eliminating enemies trying to dive him. These heroes should also have some trusty crowd control sources as he, unfortunately, doesn’t have any of himself until Level 10 with the Null Gate.

Countered by:

Probius is defended by highly mobile Assassins with great damage and crowd control. his lack of close-range can often be exploited by more agile opponents.

Maps of Probius


He works best on larger Battlegrounds revolving around goals he might have plenty of time to set up. He has incredible stamina and can easily prevent enemies from taking over certain targets (such as Doom’s Altar on the Tower) with his long-range ability and the Cannon Symbol Cannon. The battlefields with a lot of narrow spaces and choke points provide plenty of places to hide the Racks and force enemy Heroes through the influence area of ​​his Warp Rift.