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Project Wingman Guide – Tips And Tricks For New Players

Project Wingman

Project Wingman is out and according to Steam, it’s the second best-selling game right now, just behind Cyberpunk 2077. There’s sure to be plenty of Ace Combat fans getting their hands on this indie darling, but it’s sure to be. There are tons of non-Ace Combat players trying out their first arcade flight simulator, and this game is a great place to start.

Use Flares

Project Wingman 2

Project Wingman can feel like rocket hell at times, and flares are your best line of defense. Flares will cause confusion in tracking missiles fired at you. You should see a yellow triangle appear on your HUD to indicate where the rocket is coming from. When you see one, fire flares to make both it and the rocket it represents disappear.

You have unlimited flares, so there’s no reason not to use them. However, flares have a cooldown timer of 5 seconds, so on later levels and on the higher difficulty, it’s best to wait for a lot of rocket stats before releasing the flare.

If you see a lot of rockets coming towards you while the flares are on, increase the throttle to full throttle and spin hard. Missiles have limited ability to track moving targets, so pulling as many Gs as possible will cause them to be unlocked and missed.

Use Guns – Project Wingman

Project Wingman 1

Guns are surprisingly powerful, each plane comes with a high rate of fire cannon that will literally fire bullets at whatever you’re pointing at and it can do some real damage. Simply keeping that stream on target for a split second is usually enough to bring down an enemy plane, and keeping it on a cruiser or battlecruiser can deal significant damage – sometimes even complete destruction. all these difficult goals.

You can even strengthen your machine gun by using a gun case. Certain planes have access to Rapid, Heavy, and Cluster Gun Pods to use as special weapons, essentially allowing you to get more than one machine gun at the cost of using a rocket or bomb. They can be extremely powerful and should not be ignored.

Please note that the gun’s ammo will actually travel a bit further than the gun’s indicator indicates. They can actually fly as far as 4,000 feet but will suffer significant bullet drops that require retargeting.

Save Money

This game gives the player access to progressively better planes throughout the campaign, but it doesn’t give the player enough cash to buy them all at once. And honestly, the early trainers (T-21 and T/F-4) were good enough to do the first few missions without even buying a new plane.

That’s not to say Project Wingman is stingy when it comes to cash. You should easily get a new plane for each mission until Mission 8-9 when planes start to get really expensive. Saving some extra cash can get you on to something like the F/S-15 or SK.37 as soon as they’re available.

Mount MLAA/MLAG – Project Wingman

Project Wingman

Many aircraft can be equipped with MLAA or MLAG, special weapons that can target multiple targets in the air or on the ground. Having a single MLAA or MLAG hardpoint will allow for two targets to be fired at once, but choosing an MLAA or MLAG over multiple hardpoints can stack them together so you fire four or even six rockets at once.

Look out for planes with multiple hardpoints that may support MLAA or MLAG. Pick them up for all your special weapons and you’ll be able to take down entire enemy flights in a single volley.

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