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3 Best PS4 Truck Simulator Games To Try In 2021

PS4 truck simulator

PS4 truck simulator

Online truck simulators are quite diverse. You will have many video games to choose from, but those games are usually for the PC platform. That’s not to say there aren’t any truck simulation games available on consoles but you may find yourself a little more limited. However, we do have some solid PS4 truck simulator options that we think you might enjoy. So get ready to refuel those gas tanks, adjust the seats, and get the feel. comfortable behind the wheel.

Farming Simulator 19 – PS4 truck simulator

Farming Simulator may not be a series that appeals to everyone, but those who enjoy farm life can easily spend countless hours perusing the series. The newest installment at the time of writing this list is Farming Simulator 19 and as the name suggests the game is a farm life simulation. 

Here players will maintain their land, plowing, expanding fields, cultivating crops, of course, reaping goods when the time comes. However, this game is not like Harvest Moon and its simplicity is the fields of farming by hand. Instead, this series requires the player to use a variety of heavy machinery.

Players will be jumping into huge tractors, trucks, pickups just to get to different areas of your property or handle your daily maintenance. Likewise, you can not only use these cars to drive around the open ground but also use these machines for certain jobs. 

There are tons of DLC released to bring even more challenges or vehicles into the mix. The DLC has introduced a number of different machines or lands like the Rottne wood harvester to help clear out your more forested areas.

Spintires: MudRunner

The video game The Spintire: MudRunner doesn’t offer fast-paced races or over-the-top support vehicles that can plunge down open roads. This is a PS4 truck simulator game that revolves around taking things slowly as you step into giant transport vehicles tasked with overcoming harsh terrain. 

In the base game, the player is in the rough terrain of Russia as you transport cargo between different destinations. It’s pretty important to map out your route and take your time here as you will either get stuck, roll over, lose your cargo, or require the help of another vehicle to get out of the mud.

Not to mention, players will consider their fuel consumption and the damage received, so the old adage, slow and steady wins are pretty important here. Players were even offered an expansion to the console release called American Wilds, which offered more American-made vehicles.

SnowRunner – PS4 truck simulator

This is a PS4 truck simulator game that takes everything from the previous entry and expands on it. Here, you are given more terrain from swampy swamps to snowy mountain tundra. 

However, the same mindset from the first game is still intact here. Drive smart or stay at home. The terrain is not difficult at all, you will find that getting through a mission can mean bringing all the tools needed to trade with you, otherwise, your cargo will be lost, trucks sunk in the mud, or the whole car overturned on the mountainside. It is not necessarily a difficult game to play after a long time.

In the end, players will have a better sense of the land or have a better insight into what they might need to get through the job. Likewise, the more you play, the more money you earn, which in return can be spent on some necessary upgrades for your fleet. 

Players may find that this is the kind of game where you can relax and listen to a podcast in the background as you embark on a new journey to deliver cargo or tow a stranded vehicle lost to just a few minutes. a car is an opening world landmark.