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Psychonauts 2 Guide – Some Tips And Tricks For Beginners

Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2

It’s been a while since the first part of Psychonauts was scrapped in 2005. Even seasoned brain warriors will find challenging thinking patterns and mental acts more terrifying in the expected sequel. With these Psychonauts 2 tips and tricks, you’ll be ready for anything weird to come your way.

Mind On The Money – Psychonauts 2 

Psitanium is back as a glowing purple security currency in the world of Psychonauts. Enemies and slayers have regular Psitanium payouts, and central worlds dotted with hidden supplies. Initially, however, the amount of psitanium you can carry is limited. 

Make sure to upgrade your wallet soon using Otto Mentallis’ store. There are two upgrades, the Psi Fold Wallet and then the Astral Wallet. Please don’t either. You should upgrade before switching to Hollis first class. If you find yourself shy of Psitanium, there’s a lot going on in Psychonauts Headquarters. Dig through the gardens along either side of the atria to find a reliable, replenishable source of Psitanium.

Rolling With The Flow

Many of the enemies in Psychonauts 2 have specific, sometimes single, weak points. Doubts flared up to Pyrokinesis. Panic Attacks will jump in circles without being slowed by Time Buble. Bad moods can only be resolved by Clairvoyance. The most common form of combat is a full-scale ambush. 

Enemies, usually the Censor, appear in droves to crush you. Swapping between required powers can be a game of rotation, tackling specific types of enemies and waiting for your PSI Powers to recharge for you to open. When walking, Raz can be vulnerable. On a bubble, Raz has the upper hand. Balloons allow you to roll on the ground and surround enemies with PSI-Blasts as they come.

If you don’t want Levitation to take over permanent residence in your four PSI-Power slots, open the Options menu, go to Controls, and enable ‘Use triple jumps to surf’ and ‘Drag the ball drop from the slide.’ These actions will make your Levitation bubble as automatic as a third jump, and pressing A down will allow you to turn it into a rolling ball. It is not as convenient as equipping Levitation, but in battles that require a lot of PSI-Powers, it can be used.

Pinned Down – Psychonauts 2 

Walloping is the fastest way to kill most of enemies in Psychonauts 2. Plunging with PSI-Punch deals the most damage but has a short-range and makes Raz vulnerable to counterattacks. Ideally, you should always have a large amount of debris to hide using your Telekinesis, and thanks to Otto Mentallis’ shop, you can guarantee that. 

Otto offers a wide selection of ‘Pins’ to add additional upgrades or aesthetic changes to PSI-Powers. You can only equip three at a time, but one is more useful than the other by leaps and bounds. The ‘Plucky Pin’ ensures that you’ll never get caught without Telekinesis, allowing you to grab something to laugh at even when there’s nothing around to spit on.

Mind Exploration

The fastest way to level up your rank, unlocking more PSI-Power and Pin upgrades, is to collect Imagery, Emotion Packets, and Memory Vaults. You can buy a lot of PSI-Core in the store, but they must be paired with the PSI-Card, these cards are finite and only raise you one rank in the end. 

Exploring good old fashioned is your best route up the ladder. Psychonauts’ mindset holds many secrets, some of which can be discovered simply by taking a quick 360-degree turn when you first enter the room. Others, however, will require some additional agility. The two PSI-Power upgrades are the best way to explore.

First, and available soon, is the Levitation Phase 3 upgrade. ‘Pouncy Ball.’ Pouncy Ball allows you to charge your Levitation orb for a super jump. Mental Connection’s ultimate upgrade is ‘Dark Thoughts’, which is the only way to overcome the dark blue mental connections that might have confused you in the first place. Prioritize these and you will clear every nook and cranny of your mind.