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PUBG handbook: A guide for poor skill players

poor skill player

poor skill player

No one from the beginning can play well the FPS game and especially PUBG needs a lot of skills if you want to win CHICKEN CHICKEN WINNER DINNER! Agility, intelligence alone is not enough, to survive in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), players also need to equip many other important skills and tricks with this game. Here are some essential things to use for poor skill players.

Choosing a big venue or looting for poor skill players

poor skill player

PlayerUnknown matches are started with up to 100 players. You know that if you are a poor skill player, just see, even if only one person jumps to the position you have determined, the psychology will not be stable and very afraid that you will turn into a “chicken meal”, and vice versa. Again, if you jump into a big venue with dozens of competitors, that means you need to combine stealth, combat, and situational awareness.

In addition to choosing a location, learning to jump down faster is also an advantage for you to capture the pinged area, the time from flying down to sprung though it will take you a certain distance further, so keeping an eye on this will help you know when dancing is reasonable.

And when parachuting, look at the places other players have landed to choose a deserted area if you jump slower and keep in mind the enemy places to avoid accidents.

Reasonable move

poor skill player

To win in PUBG for poor skill players, first of all, you need to be agile and smart. When traveling, sometimes it is best to keep the gun in the holster to increase the speed. Although you will be more vulnerable, you know, there are times, it is more important to move quickly.

Pay attention to your surroundings, try to listen for footsteps both indoors and outdoors. Try to predict where other players are waiting for you, especially when you go to buildings, even the baths because they are popular hiding places.

Your only goal is to survive, so sometimes avoiding battles is a necessary option. You can also reverse the situation when other players are using your style of play, and proceed to attack and finish them off when they are in a vulnerable position.