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PUBG Mobile: 1.5 Million Players Banned in 1 Week!

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Cheaters are the biggest enemy of all online games, be it for PC, console or Mobile. Even for PUBG Mobile, cheaters are not rare anymore, even recently, the anti-cheat system of the battle royale game has banned 1.5 million players in just 6 days!

This news was obtained after Tencent, the developer of PUBG Mobile, released that information from December 4 to 10. 

A total of 1,498,044 accounts were banned for using cheats according to the information!

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PUBG mobile Banned 1.5 Million Players

Tencent also released data showing what types of cheats were used by PUBG players to gain an advantage over other players. As we might guess, most of these cheats are aim hacks and x-ray vision that help players to kill their opponents faster.

Tencent Complete Data

X-Ray vision: 24 percent

Auto-aim hacks: 26 percent

Speed ​​hacks: 16 percent

Modified area damage: 10 percent

Modifications to character model: 7 percent

Others: 17 percent

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Uniquely, the use of these cheats can be found at all ranks in the game. From Bronze to Conqueror. However, the use of cheats that is most often found among players with a Bronze rank, the lowest rank in the game.

Conqueror: 2 percent

Ace: 8 percent

Crown: 12 percent

Diamond: 14 percent

Platinum: 13 percent

Gold: 11 percent

Silver: 11 percent

Bronze: 29 percent

Using a cheat is an action that is not recommended for all online game players, because cheating will not only ruin the experience of playing for others and the player is basically cheating. 

And If you find someone cheating in the game, you can report them through the in-game Reporting System and it will be checked properly.

Those are the news about 1.5 million PUBG Mobile players who got banned in just 1 week. Stay tuned for more news and information!