July 30, 2021


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PUBG Mobile: 2021 PMCO Spring Split

Spring Split

Tencent is kicking things off with the Spring Split 2021 PUBG Mobile Club Open as the new year starts (PMCO). Registrations were launched today for the semi-pro division and are open until Jan. 24. New regions have been added this year too.

Spring Split

The PMCO represents the lowest level in the PUBG Mobile esports ecosystem hierarchy. Two splits feature in the Club Opens. Top teams from there will compete at the end of the year in the PUBG Mobile Pro Leagues (PMPL) with the best progress towards the Global Championship (PMGC).

Here is all we know about the 2021 PMCO Spring Split so far.

The Prize pool

Tencent revealed in November that the prize pool for PUBG Mobile esports will be $ 14 million in 2021. This is close to three times more than the total prize money for 2020.

While most of this will go towards the Pro Leagues and the Global Championship, the Club Opens will still have a lot to do with it. The total prize pool is $1,642,400 for both PMCO splits in 2021.

Schedule – Spring Split

Registration: Jan. 1 to 24

Through the official website, players can register for the PMCO Spring Split. At the time of registration, all players must be at least 16 years old and ranked Platinum or above.

Three players must be from the same region on each roster. With one player being the substitution, teams can have up to five players.

In the official PUBG Mobile esports tournaments, only mobile devices are allowed. The competition will disqualify any player competing with a tablet or emulator.

Qualification: Feb. 1 to 7

Players can play up to 28 matches between these days across all four PUBG Mobile maps, Erangel, Vikendi, Sanhok, and Miramar. After a team registers, more details regarding the qualifiers will be revealed.

For the final rankings, the best eight games by a team out of the 28 (two from each map) will be considered. For the group stage, the top teams from each region will qualify.

Regional group stage: Feb. 16 to 21

Several teams will be directly invited to the PMCO group stages, in addition to the qualified teams from the previous stage.

Tencent stated that “large and well-known pro organizations” could receive direct invitations to the group stage. In addition to this, all Spring Split regional finalists will be directly invited to the Fall Split group stage.

Regional finals: Feb. 24 to 28

The highest level of competition in PMCO will be represented by the regional finals. Teams will be fighting for the prize pool and the Pro Leagues (PMPLs) or other tournaments for qualification.


 There will be a total of 27 regions in the PMCO 2021.

CIS / Europe WC / MENA WC / Africa / South Asia WC / LATAM WC / North America

Malaysia and Singapore / Southeast Asia WC / HMT / Wildcard / Turkey / Germany

UK / France / Saudi / Iraq / Egypt / UAE / Pakistan / Indonesia / Thailand

Vietnam / Nepal / Bangladesh / Brazil / Mexico