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PUBG Mobile and its Return in India

PUBG Mobile India

One of the most trending topics in the country has been PUBG Mobile and its return to India. During the auspicious Diwali festival, the game declared its return and since then, many leads have taken the PUBG Mobile India story on a strong trajectory, with minor bumps along the way. Today, we are rounding up all that has happened in the last month since the official announcement of PUBGMobile India.

PUBG Mobile India


When PUBG Corporation announced their return to India via several social media posts with lanterns and Diyas in the background indicating that the game could be launched around the Diwali festival in India, the flares of joy were ignited. 

The entire PUBG Mobile community in the country was hyped up by this announcement and everyone accepted the game in a happy way. The return was welcomed by the PUBG Mobile pros in their own style.

Soon, there were speculations that the game was going to be released before Diwali, and an early release date of November 13 was expected by the audience and influencers, but the game wasn’t released that day.


The official announcement of the return of PUBG Mobile in India had a lot in store for the gaming and sports ecosystem in India. Not only did the release confirm the return, it also revealed a couple of big changes. PUBGMobile India has been reported to have a green bloodstain effect and this feature is also available in the Korean version.

In addition, the underage player base will face a time limit to ensure health well-being. The user interface will also be slightly modified and the normal context will be converted into a virtual simulation training ground.

In addition to PUBG Mobile Return, Krafton is entering India as a whole to set up a sustainable future for the region. The company has announced plans to invest $100 million in the country to contribute to the growth of the Indian video games, sports, IT and entertainment industries.

Krafton will establish a branch office in India and recruit at least 100 people specializing in game production, business and sports. This may be the first move of the company to set up in India for a long time.

These investments will also make a major contribution to the forthcoming PUBG Mobile Sports League in the region. This will be the first and largest PUBG Mobile tournament with a specially formatted league structure for India.


Most of the group has continuously debated on one or the other launch date for the return of PUBG Mobile in India. Some teasers were released by PUBG India to hype up the news of its return to the region.

In this series of teasers, some popular faces from the PUBG Mobile community were seen and one of them, Kronten Gaming, speculated that by 20 November the game will return to India, but the official release is pending to date.


Several clips have gone viral on social media where allegations have been made that PUBG Mobile usage data is being migrated to PUBG Mobile India servers.

This was one of the greatest revelations as user data was made up of a lot of valuable items.

Some players had a skin collection worth thousands of dollars and the usual statistics and rating details was also of the utmost importance to any PUBG Mobile player.

This move could have fixed these problems as players could only access their old accounts instead of creating a new one for the newly created PUBGMobile India. No further developments on this lead have been disclosed.