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PUBG Mobile: How Do You Play PUBG Using a Controller

PUBG Mobile

Mobile games are currently booming and a lot of games are releasing mobile versions to increase their popularity.

As you can see, the only problem with mobile gaming is your gadget and signal provider if you play online games, If both of these conditions are fulfilled, then you will be fine and can play the game smoothly without any problems.

One of the most popular mobile games on the market is PUBG, the battle royale game which is the version of the PUBG.

PUBG Mobile

Playing FPS or shooting games, of course it’s difficult if you only use your fingers to control, especially for PC players who usually use a mouse. Many are asking, can you use a PS or Xbox controller stick to play PUBG Mobile on a cellphone?

Tencent Gaming Buddy – PUBG Mobile

Indeed it is quite difficult using your fingers to control an FPS game. That’s why Tencent allows its players to use an emulator on PC, and even provides a separate emulator, Tencent Gaming Buddy.

PUBG Mobile

Some controllers like PS4, have a Bluetooth feature that you can connect to your cell phone. Unfortunately, the features that run in PUBG Mobile don’t support it other than the touch controls.

For instance, The in-game character can only walk, without being able to shoot, because the button on the PS4 stick is not yet recognized by the application. You will need another application that can map the buttons on the PS4.

CAUTIONS! Using a third application outside the PUBG Mobile application will be considered a violation, and could result in your account being banned.

So for those of you who want to play PUBG using a controller stick on your cell phone, go ahead, but we don’t recommend it.

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