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PUBG Mobile Karakin: Karakin official release date

PUBG Mobile Karakin

PUBG Mobile Karakin

The developers recently revealed the release date of the upcoming PUBG Mobile Karakin in a social media video. 

PUBG Mobile developers have added several new features

PUBG Mobile developers have added several new features in order to provide players with an exciting experience. The 1.3 update was released earlier this month, and it included a number of new features, such as the Hundred Rhythms game mode and the Mosin Nagant sniper rifle.

According to a PUBG Mobile social media post:

“Nope, it’s not a mirage that’s a chicken dinner in the desert. Get ready parachute into the brand new map Karakin on 4/7! Karakin will replace Vikendi, so play it before it’s gone!”

As mentioned in the post, the PUBG Mobile Karakin will be available to players on April 7th, replacing the Vikendi map. The much anticipated arena was previously available in the PUBG Mobile 1.3 beta. 

This arena had several dynamic elements in the beta, such as a Demolition Zone, a Sticky Bomb, Thin Wall Bullet Penetration, and a new firearm called ‘Panzerfaust.’

Players can view the official announcement video by clicking on the following link:  PUBG MOBILE | New Karakin Map Coming Soon!

PUBG Mobile Karakin was mentioned in the official patch notes

PUBG Mobile Karakin was mentioned in the official patch notes for the PUBG Mobile 1.3 beta as follows:

Long ranged rifle battles in the mountains, city battles that involve strategy, and tension filled battles will be experienced by gamers thanks to the new Demolition Zone mechanic, which is designed to cause random damage to buildings in order to entice players to come out and battle.

PUBG Mobile Karakin is 2 square kilometers in size and is dry, open, and rock filled. Every moment on Karakin will test you. It’s a small but exciting map with a maximum of 64 players per match. 

Fans are overjoyed with the news and can’t wait to try out the 2×2 Battle Royale map in PUBG Mobile. It will be only a matter of weeks before the map is added to the renowned title.