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PUBG Mobile Lite Global 0.20.1 update

PUBG Mobile Lite Global

PUBG Mobile Lite Global

PUBG Mobile Lite Global is a variant of PUBG Mobile that has been designed for low end devices. 

PUBG Mobile Lite uses Unreal Engine 4

PUBG Mobile Lite Global uses Unreal Engine 4 to provide players with an immersive royal combat experience regardless of the smartphone they have. PUBG Lite takes only 600 MB of free storage and 1 GB of RAM to run smoothly.

The new edition of PUBG Lite is 0.20.1. Players that have an older version can update it in game directly. Take note that PUBG Mobile and PUBG Mobile Lite are banned in India. As a result, users from the country are strictly recommended not to download games.

How to Download

Players who have an earlier version of PUBG Mobile Lite Global can upgrade to the latest one in game directly. However, players who do not have a 0.20.0 version may download it and then upgrade to 0.20.1.

The size of the APK file is approximately 575 MB, while the in game update depends on the device.  Players must make sure that they have sufficient space on their device before downloading the APK.

Players should follow the instructions below to download and install the PUBG Mobile Lite Global :

Step 1: Players should first visit the official PUBG Lite website. The following link to the website is provided:

Website of the PUBG Lite: click here

Step 2: Then click the “Download APK” button. The download will start soon.

Step 3: Next, players need to locate and install the APK file on the device. You can open PUBG Lite after installing the file.

Step 4: Players should be able to play the latest version of PUBG Lite on their devices after patches.

If players experience an error indicating that there was a problem parsing the package, they can try to re-download the file and follow the above steps again.