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PUBG Mobile: Week 4 PMGC 2020

PMGC 2020

Week 4 for the PMGC 2020 Season 0 tournament is the last week in December for the teams to collect their points.

Currently, we are entering the Weekdays era again, where 24 teams will compete to enter the Super Weekend by entering the Top 16.

In the interim Super Weekend, Bigetron Red Aliens and 4AM are still at their peak, and it seems that in this Weekdays one of the teams has to try hard.

The 2020 PEL Champion team is in position 18, which if on the second day 4AM remains in that position, it will not enter the Super Weekend.

PMGC 2020

PMGC 2020

Following are the results of the match on the first day of Week 4:

Round 1 -Erangel: Loops Esports

Round 2 – Miramar: Natus Vincere

Round 3 – Sanhok: RRQ Athena

Round 4 – Vikendi: Klaus Digital Athletics

Round 5 – Erangel: RRQ Athena

Round 6 – Miramar: Nova XQF

From these results, Nova is at the top of the standings after not participating in the Super Weekend Week 3 yesterday.

Maybe this will  make Nova try harder to get into the last Super Weekend this time to chase points.

RRQ Athena also got 2 chickens which made this team also in a safe position at the top, and it was only left to defend their points.

Aerowolf Limax also shows a good game, with their hiding technique, making them get a pretty big placement points. This encouraged them, because they did not participate in the Super Weekend for 2 weeks in a row.

Currently Aerowolf is in position 13 which is arguably still in a dangerous position because it can be overtaken by a team that is under 16 position.

Moreover, there are dangerous teams that can catch up, such as 4AM, Blue Bees, Team Secret, and even the PMWL West 2020 Futbolist champions.