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PUBG Tips To Become A Pro In Sanhok Map



Sanhok map has been officially uploaded to the server after many different tests, on this small island, players can start their battle quickly and also end their battle quickly on Tiny area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis map. However, we still have different methods of the fighting because Sanhok has its own characteristics that Erangel and Miramar do not have. After a few plays, a well-known gamer named Daniel “Hayz” Heaysman shared his experience of participating in his battle on the Sanhok map. And here are some simple PUBG tips for saving TOP 1 on Sanhok’s map of Daniel “Hayz” Heaysman.

Choose the best loot location


According to the experience of Hayz and most PUBG gamers, on the experimental Sanhok map and on the official player, there are all the weapons and items needed for you anywhere. The number of items scattered on the map is quite large and much more than the old two maps, Miramar and Erangel. Therefore, you can choose any position without having to worry about your backpack anymore.

However, there are still two places that are considered to be the most attractive in Sanhok: Paradise Resort and Ruins, in terms of the number of weapons in these two areas. They will be enough for some teams to parachute down, but what’s more important is the number of skydivers down here.

Both Paradise Resort and Ruins do not have too many or too few players to jump in, so they will be the two most ideal places for you to loot. At least you will get about 3-4 kills.

Cross the river the safest way – PUBG Tips


Sanhok is a tropical map, divided into 3 islands so there are a few rivers that you have to cross, the PUBG tips is that if you want to cross the river after having full rows in your backpack, then set up the peg at the right one. The nearest bridge, try to knock down any player who intends to cross the bridge, setting up a “BOT station” on the bridge will give you unexpected benefits.

If you see a player crossing a bridge and are not sure you can defeat him, then do not rush to attack, if he does not die then he will probably wait for you if the circle is on the other side of the bridge. So pay attention to the circle and see exactly which island it is going to then cross the bridge as soon as possible.