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Dota 2: The Art Of How To Pull Creeps In 7.28 Patch

Pull Creeps

Pull creeps are one of the best ways to gain an edge in the lane, knowing how to control wave creeps through pulling creeps has a lot of benefits.

Why Do We Need Pull Creeps?

Pull Creeps

One of the reasons for pulling creeps is not giving your opponent experience and gold. When you pull the lane of creeps, at least 1-2 creeps will be killed in the process (assuming the enemy hero isn’t around).

The opponent will not receive a valuable amount of experience and through many pulls, the difference between the two sides’ experience will become larger and larger. In addition to not giving opponent heroes experience, supports going pull also gain experience from the small camp.

The second reason to do it is to reposition the creeps in the lane and give you your advantage. To have a full understanding, we need to know what is seen as giving lane advantage. The most fundamental thing about laning in your favor is when creeps on both sides meet at the edge of their turrets. This means that you are safe from being ganked and your opponents will not dare to dive into turrets either. This is the safest area to farm.

The whole laning phase is a combination of support and carries in order to gain my advantage. Pull creeps are the way to turn the downside lane (when the creeps are near the enemy turret) into benefit because it will delay the next creeps wave and make the creeps on either side meet closer to your turret.

Pull Creeps Types

Pull Creeps

There are many types of pulling creeps you can do to regain lane balance. Each of the options below will lead to different results. The article will show you the result in each situation:

Small Camps

The damage a small camp does to a creep wave can be ranged from: delaying and no creep dying, to the defeat of 2-3 creeps (killing 2-3 creeps plays a big part in reducing enemy experience).

As long as it’s not a kobold camp (there are 5 neutral creeps), a small camp allows you to deny 2-3 creep waves. This requires the player to focus on denying and you have to deny your creeps as soon as possible.

In the case of a kobold camp, 0 to 1 creep will be denied because the kobolds die too quickly, not in time for the creep wave to lose health. The small camp that is stacked will wipe out all creep waves and leave little neutral creeps left for another pull wave or you / carry can eat by themselves.

Big Camp

Pull Creeps

Every large camp can deny all creep waves if they are not in disarray, that is, let the big camp hit the creeps by themselves, they will clear the entire wave.

Block Opponent from Pull Creeps

You should remember that in any side lane, both sides have camp pull. The offlaner can pull creeps from the big camp closest to the lane and the safe lane can do it from the small camp.

During the laning phase, both sides will always try to pull camp to gain their advantage, so blocking the opponent camp: maybe with a hero or ward will bring a huge advantage. If you can pull while the opponent doesn’t, you will always benefit in level/experience.