April 21, 2021


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Tekken 7: Quick Basic Tutorial for Playing Josie Rizal

Josie Rizal

Josie Rizal

One of the new additions to the T7 and Bruce’s replacement. Compared to Bruce, Josie Rizal is a bit more “stringed” character with many new boxed chain combos to take down opponents. Her slot game is a bit unorthodox as she lacks a generic i13 df1 mid-poke that most characters have, but she makes up for this in other ways.

Josie Rizal Fighting Style

Josie Rizal

Josie Rizal fights with Kickboxing based on Eskrima. Eskrima is a fighting style that emphasizes battle based on weapons that generally consist of sticks and blades. Eskrima has the official name Arnis, the official style umbrella name in the Philippines, however, this name and Kali are also used in addition. Josie uses an unarmed variant of the style that focuses more on defenses, hooks, and incapable weapons instead of the more hostile equipment variant.

Unarmed Eskrima focuses more on reacting and countering an attack than on hostile attacks. Maybe so, the horrible attacks and kicks were yet to be used. Her use of Eskrima with boxing makes her style more and more like a variation of the genuine Eskrima called Yaw-Yan, also known as Dance of Death or Sayaw ng Kamatayan in Filipino. She also uses different elbow and knee tricks along with different mixes suggested for Muay Thai.

Pros and Cons


  • Top 3 in all punishment.
  • Strong chain-oriented offense.
  • Strong CH game.
  • Strong whiff punishment.


  • Low damage output walless.
  • Weak tracking to her left

Josie Rizal Strategy Guide

She has pretty low slot jabs and good strings that you can use to knock your opponent’s lifeline away. She is also capable of stringing and has a manual reversal. Her CD + 2 and CD + 3 have an astonishing range and you can use them to either boost your offense or simply punish whip attacks.

Other Josie’s strengths could include the best punishments in the game, good moves, and a strong CH game. Her i13 Launcher lets her punish low-profile attacks and spanking better than anyone else in the game. Even if you don’t consider this, she punishes extremely well for blocking and hitting.

With her combined potential, she has her d / f + 2 launcher. For beginner matching I recommend u / f + 4, 3, 3, Screw!, B + 4, 3, 4. In case you need something a little advanced u / f + 4, f + 1 + 2, 4, f + 2, 3, 4, Screw!, f + 2, 3, 4. For wall combination you can use 1, 2, u / f + 3 + 4 or f + 2, 4 ~ Stance Change, 4.


Josie Rizal

Josie Rizal is a Filipina nymphet who enjoys eskrima and kickboxing. She wears a yellow shirt, a blue short skirt, and a red bow. Josie is portrayed as an amazing, vibrant, and enthusiastic person, but she is more and more prone to crying when she thinks about something that has happened in the past.

Later, in her story, it was discovered that she was a person who cried at a young age and couldn’t calm it down. During her tutorial class and her match with Kuma, Josie Rizal was found to be afraid of bears and made her shed tears when experiencing it as being cross-checked because it caused her to lose her memory.