April 14, 2021


Game CMD 368

Tekken 7: Quick Basic Tutorial for Playing Miguel Caballero Rojo



Miguel is a slot-punching monster which means he has a lot of slots that lead to mixed opportunities. His low db3 level is extremely good for starting his CH/mixup game as it leaves him empty at the point of having a frame advantage. His Df1 is one of the best in the game as it has deferred extensions with built-in combinations, so he is very strong at making opponents hesitate in forcing. wire and respect your offense.

Miguel Offense & Chest Hair


In many ways, his attacking behavior is more spiritual than physical in that his tools facilitate the opponent’s defense and respect Miguel, thus making him worth much more fear than reality. An effective player is often unpredictable and interrupts the opponent’s rhythm. This is achieved through delayed sequences and jabs resulting in CH, long limbs to catch the enemy off guard and hitboxes, and unique animation to knock opponents off.

However, he is ineffective in long-range slot punches, repulsive counter-attacks, and his overall punishment play is very weak, so it should not be within the range of the arm’s reach (or foot). Therefore, distance is very important for this character, and being able to ‘enter’ is the key to gaining the advantage in a match.

The Original Savage: Key Moves into SAV stance

d / f + 1 ~ f

This safe mid-slit is the move you will make the most in a match. It is mainly used to land and block an opponent and act as the main gateway move of Miguel to enter a sav position (by holding forward) to initiate pressure. Use this move to quickly switch to a sav pose for some quick blends.

d / f + 1.1 ~ f

When hit second high punch has the same number of + frames as a single d / f + 1 and the ability to go into SAV. Be warned, though, the second punch is high and the string is not blunt, meaning the second blow can be flipped and punished. Hence, you mostly want to use this string sparingly as an option in conjunction with a d / f + 1 or d / f + 1,2 to keep the opponent guessing. This sequence is also considered a 13 frame penalty if the opponent is out of the reach of the 11 frames 2.1 finishers.

1,2,4 ~ f

The standard 10-frame sequence of Miguel. This character differs from the others in that the 2nd hit is a right-back fist resulting in the track moving to the left. The last kick has a lot of delays but is not a prison and is not NC like the first 2 attacks so he can dodge the attack (All 3 hits are high). However, it does give you + frames on both blocks and hit, so incorporate this into good attack pressure before going SAV.

Miguel Key Low Pokes/Strings

  • 1.3
  • d + 3
  • d / b + 1
  • d / b + 3,4
  • d + 4
  • d / b + 4
  • FC d / f + 4

These will be your low slit punches taking advantage of the length of Miguel to destroy the opponent. 1,3 is a high-low string that makes you in a shrinking state. D + 3 is a high crushing low hit with the same properties as the 2nd attack of the ultimate. d / b + 1 is the high crushing low that allows you to monitor the MMC. This low leads to the most damage compared to the others + oki and it is difficult to block responses despite slow start-up.

However, it does launch punishable so avoid being too predictable with it. d / b 3, 4 is 2 consecutive low touches that last long to lose the opponent’s momentum. Great for round end damage or hitting opponents on the ground. The D + 4 has an excellent range and can be used as a slot punch. d / b + 4 is a good low slit punch for taking down Ch leading to a free hit like d + 3 or d + 3 + 4 on ground opponents. Finally, FC d / f + 4 is a damaging sweep with a phenomenal range you can follow with f, f + 2.1.