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Quincy Crew vs beastcoast Prediction – The International 10

Quincy Crew vs beastcoast Prediction

Quincy Crew vs beastcoast prediction on Friday, October 08, 2021, in The International Season 10, Group B. Dota 2 Premier championship. LAN Match will take place in Arena Naţională, Bucharest, Romania. Coming from America, both Quincy Crew and beastcoast probably no longer feel too strange about each other.

Quincy Crew  Overview

Quincy Crew vs beastcoast Prediction

Taking place at the same time as the Chinese Civil War between Elephant and Team Aster will be another very interesting match between Quincy Crew and beastcoast. It will also be a confrontation between the teams representing the two regions of North America and Team Aster South America. 

In which, Quincy Crew is the team that won a direct invitation to the main event group stage of The International 10 with the 1-second place in Season 1, and 1 championship at Season 2 of Dota Pro Circuit North America. At the two most recent tournaments, WePlay AniMajor and ESL One Summer 2021, Quincy Crew finished in 5th place.

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beastcoast Overview

Quincy Crew vs beastcoast Prediction

beastcoast has a similar track record to thier opponent in the upcoming match, Quincy Crew. They finished first and second in Season 1 & Season 2 of the South American Dota Pro Circuit, respectively. 

Beastcoast’s ticket to The International 10 was obtained shortly after completing these 2 tournaments. beastcoast also recently participated in 2 warm-up tournaments before coming to The International 10. However, the achievement is worth it. 

The most mentioned is probably the 5th time at ESL One Fall 2021. Where they made their reputation when they overcame a series of big names and took the top spot in Group B like PSG.LGD from China or Alliance or Team Liquid from Europe.

The winning of the two teams will be: Quincy Crew (United States) 66%; beastcoast (United States) 34%.

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Quincy Crew vs beastcoast Prediction

Quincy Crew vs beastcoast Prediction

In the last 10 confrontations between the two teams, Quincy Crew has the complete advantage when only losing 1 point and only letting beastcoast hold a draw in only 1 match. The rest of Quincy Crew won in all eight other matches. Facing each other in the group stage of the biggest international tournament of 2021, Quincy Crew is likely to continue to sow the hearts of beastcoast fans – the final score will be 2-0.

Previous Encounters:

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Quincy Crew vs beastcoast Bet Prediction

Quincy Crew vs beastcoast total score prediction:

  • Game 1: Quincy Crew wins
  • Game 2: Quincy Crew wins

Total score 2-0

First blood:

  • Game 1: Quincy Crew
  • Game 2: Quincy Crew

Total kills:

  • Game 1: Beastcoast 18 – 37 Quincy Crew
  • Game 2: Beastcoast 16 – 40 Quincy Crew


Quincy Crew: SVG, MSS, YawaR, Lelis, Quinn

beastcoast: StingeR, Wisper, Scofield, Chris Luck, K1