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R6: A Guide of the Operator Ace Abilities, Loadout



Rainbow Six’s Operation Steel Wave introduces two brand new operators for players to use: Ace and Melusi. He is a new attacker with unique S.E.L.M.A Aqua Breacher that can create an entrance or line of sight for his teammates. His stamina also makes him an all-round attacker that can be lethal when using his right hand.

Ace Unique Ability


His S.E.L.M.A’s Aqua Breacher is a throwing device that uses hydraulic pressure to destroy potentially broken surfaces and reinforce. The device can stick to walls, floors, ceilings, hatches, and fully deploy after landing.

Aqua Breacher blows a massive amount when it lands like Hibana’s X-Kairos or Mira’s Black Mirror tablets. The device explodes once on floors, ceilings, and hatches, but will roll to the wall if there is space and will deploy up to three times. This makes him a powerful spoiler with the ability to open entire walls if necessary.

Ace is equipped with three devices and can toss them on almost any surface. Aqua brewers will not work on electrically reinforced walls, so be sure not to waste your explosive device. Aqua Breacher can also be used to destroy various defensive gadgets like Melusi’s Banshee Sonic Defense or Maestro Evil Eye.

Players looking for a spot can even finish off a knocked-down enemy with Aqua Breacher to inflict injury.

His S.E.L.M.A Aqua Breacher is on par with other brewing equipment and can be used to create entrances or distract enemies.


Ace has two main weapons to use; AK-12 and M1014 Shotgun. Both of these weapons can be lethal under the right circumstances and can be customized with a variety of accessories.

The AK-12 is a surefire weapon in almost any range and situation. Players can shoot enemies from afar or deliver incredible firepower in a close fight. Weapons have strong recoil, so be sure to learn the spray pattern or use the right accessory to reduce the effect.

The M1014 shotgun is an excellent weapon in melee battles. A properly positioned shot can instantly knock down an enemy and turn the tide of a gunfight. The M1014 can also be used to break down fragile walls quickly when cannon shells do a large amount of damage.

This weapon has a good close combat ability but will make players at a disadvantage in long-range skirmishes. If this is your preferred weapon, make sure to choose close-range combat and avoid firing shots at enemies in the distance.


Ace has a reliable P9 as his secondary weapon. Guns do not do great damage but can finish off injured enemies. Players can also customize this weapon with many different attachments to make it more effective.

Ace can choose an attack or smoke grenade as his utility. A piercing charge is an efficient explosive device that can puncture a breakable wall. Players wanting to be the ultimate winemaker should choose this add-on as it will allow them to be prepared in any situation.

A smoke grenade is a powerful utility item that can definitely block a teammate’s progress or cut off vision. The player can use one cigarette