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R6: A Guide of the Operator Amaru Abilities, Loadout



Rainbow Six Siege Operation Ember Rise brings a couple of Latin American shooters, both of which pack new toys that fuel Ubisoft’s hit multiplayer shooter. Amaru is a heavy attacker, moving fast, carrying a grappling hook so that he can reach the sky with ease. Here’s what you need to know about her and how to get the best out of her download process.

About Amaru


  • Ability: Garra Hook
  • Primary: G8A1, Supernova
  • Secondary: ITA12S, SMG-11
  • Gadget: Claymore, Stun Grenade
  • Armor: 2/3
  • Speed: 2/3
  • Price: 25,000 Renown, 600 R6 Credits

Amaru is the high-flying attacker of Operation Ember Rise, bringing new infiltration methods to the Rainbow Six Siege.

The Peruvian archeological anti-plunder specialist turned to anti-terrorism recruiting, years of working in gangs made her the ideal newcomer for Team Rainbow. The temporary grappling device “Garra Hook” gives her high mobility, demonstrating an advanced intrusion tool.

Her value comes with the full-backs and sets the angle of play to create the element of surprise. Unminded enemies will let down the guard of her agility, while she is equally capable of fleeing.

Gadget and ability


Her charm point is her Garra Hook, which acts as a mess to aim and shoot to reach new heights. The device uses grappling points already spread across the existing maps, with four uses per round. She is able to extend ledges and windows (but no doors) when outside, while hatches and skylights promote verticality indoors.

Compatibility is determined by the grapple indicator on the screen, which goes from red to white when in position and activated by the fire button. The Garra Hook limits require the Operator to be within 15 meters or less, either below or horizontally from the grapple point. After shooting, players must wait for the cooldown of 8 seconds to pass, preventing the fast chaining process.

Once used, her weapon will be stored for the duration of her move, followed by a short recovery time when touched down. Carelessness on a target is a guaranteed death; instead, its use requires some consideration before jumping in. her guardians also demanded that Amaru be on guard, from even the Castle’s reinforcements blocking access to the punishment traps underfoot. The Garra Hook is also very noisy, especially when opening obstacles before sailing inside.

Amaru guns and best loadout


Continuing the trend of recycling the previous Operator’s gear, she sports familiar weapons from all over Siege’s cast. The G8A1 (LMG) light machine gun has the same high damage setting used by IQ, along with Hibana’s SuperNova shotgun and the famous Echo. The two viable seconds also return, from a compact ITA12S handgun to the SMG-11.

The role of an attacker in Rainbow Six Siege has traditionally favored long-range encounters, making the G8A1 the most favored primary target. Its high 301 rounds power combined with an intense fire rate, albeit balanced with the LMG’s long reload and aim (ADS) times.

The SuperNova pump-action could be a capable primary alternative but offers a range of advantages that many attackers take seriously. The shotgun is a valuable tool for Amaru, with a need to climb up the hatch, making the ITA12S a handy accessory to clean overhead rafters. The SMG-11 is an equally safe option, but only as a backup in tight gun battles.