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R6: A Guide of the Operator Warden Abilities, Loadout



With the release of Operation, Phantom Sight comes with Kafe Dostoyevsky reworked and, more importantly, new operators. This article will focus on how to effectively play the new defensive operator: Warden. His kit specializes in niche scenarios that no other operator would prove more effective, along with a solid selection of weapons. This guide is designed to give all players a rough idea of ​​how to use him to his full potential.

Warden Loadout


While no new guns have been added during Operation Phantom Sight, the primary weapon of Warden offers players plenty of options. Your resulting weapon will be different depending on your preferred gameplay. You can choose between the M590A1 Shotgun or the MPX Submachine.

These weapons have been in the game for a long time, so if you are an experienced player you can choose which weapon you like. Although I do appreciate the MPX for its range, I appreciate my playtime on Smoke too much not to take the M590A1. It has lots of punches and a surprising range for a single kill shot. For reliability, you want to have the laser viewfinder and the brand of your choice (I chose the red dot).

For the MPX, however, you want a vertical grip and a compensator to minimize recoil as much as possible. However, I recommend using the panoramic viewfinder instead of the other optical lenses here, as slightly increasing the magnification will help with mid-range encounters.

As for the secondary weapon, it’s a decision between the P-10C or the SMG12, which is a balance between accuracy and a high rate of fire. If using the M590A1, then you may want to opt for the SMG12 for a combat option in longer-range skirmishes. This gives you the ability to load weapons like Smoke almost as well as the real thing.

P-10C users will sacrifice DPS to make it much easier to control their weapons. Try using it with the muzzle brake instead of the muffler, as the movement of Warden makes enough noise. However, I do not recommend using the laser sight, this pistol is accurate enough without the risk of ceding your position to the enemy team.


Your choice of which gadget will vary depending on your team’s force, having a choice between barbed wire or collision grenade doesn’t leave much to the imagination, but in general, you want the impact. on the bomb or if you choose to roam (more about that later). Barbed wire is less repressed than before, but will still get the job done. Slowing down your opponents can make it easier for yourself or your teammates.

One of my problems lies in the unique utility of the Warden. Glance smart glasses minimize the effects of both smoke and stun grenades. It also works against Blitz’s Shield and Ying’s candelas. If played as an anchor, this tool will most likely be used to destabilize oncoming attackers who are prone to throwing stun grenades left, right, and center.

Warden Playstyle


Considering that the main weapons on the Warden are extremely different from each other, the gameplay is equally diverse. As a shotgun user, you get stronger in smaller rooms, fixed on site, or camping in smaller rooms. Longer corridors are for those with long-range weapons. As an MPX user, you thrive in these environments, rotating around the map to easily attack attackers.

The most important thing here is not to be greedy. Even if you only deal damage to enemies, if you get out unharmed, it’s a good deal. You might think you have more health than them (and you too) but when up to five people are shooting at you and most of what they can see is your head, you better be a little careful.

If you start shooting and then leave, you’d better leave your team alive. Not only can you give your teammates better information than when you’re on camera, but you are also another gun in the gunfight. Try not to do this many times in a game, the more you do, the more enemies will predict.