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R6: Oryx Guide, Tips And Tricks, Abilities, Weapons, Biography And More



After the game’s release in December 2015, we expect two unique new additions to the roster that evolve with each season of content. While Ubisoft has confirmed that the Operator will be introduced at half speed in the not-too-distant future, we can now enjoy the latest Void Edge duo: Oryx and Iana.

After sampling both Operators at a recent preview event, we’re here to give you a quick breakdown of what to expect from him, including his unique abilities, and some potential points.

Oryx (Defender)

  • Name: Saif Al Hadid
  • Origin: Azraq, Jordan
  • Gadget: Remah Dash
  • Stats: Speed 2 / Armour 2
  • Primary Weapon: SPAS-12 Shotgun / MP5 Submachine Gun
  • Secondary Weapon: Bailiff 410 Handgun / VSP40 Handgun
  • Equipment: Barbed Wire / Bulletproof Camera

Oryx Loadout


Oryx is equipped with some devastating weapons as a defender.

He is blessed with two weapons that excel up close, the MP5 and the SPAS-12.

Oryx Abilities

Remah Dash is the ability he uses to smash doors and enemies.

The speed allows him to move efficiently and cover short distances at unprecedented speeds.

It can also be used to take down opponents and dash through breakable walls, creating a large void.

However, be careful at the cost, as he loses health every time Remah Dash is used to compromise.

In addition, Oryx has a unique ability to interact with hatches.

He can climb straight through for a quick spin, or he can cling to the edge to peek or wait for the perfect moment to come up. As long as he’s hanging, he can also choose to drop it off if the climb seems too dangerous.

Remah Dash

The first thing you’ll notice about him is that he doesn’t have a utility unlike his Rainbow teammates. Instead, he is able to unleash his intrinsic powers, using the “Remah Dash” technique to take down enemies with a disorienting shunt attack. What’s even more interesting is that Remah Dash can also be used to penetrate walls (only effective against unreformed obstacles and walls). However, this makes him a dangerous defender to face, if used recklessly, an improper shot will expose him.

This ability has countless uses, though limited by cooling. On top of that, a wall crash will reduce 10 hits each time, so you’ll need to use Remah Dash wisely.


The counter includes the Airjab’s Nomad grenades as well as Gridlock’s Trax Stingers, both of which decrease his charging capabilities. On the other hand, he is a good pick against shield-wielding characters, especially Montagne. Even with his shield raised, Monty could still be knocked down by a successful dash. This can be followed by a quick shot or detonation of the SPAS-12 although it takes a second for him to retool the gun after sprinting.



What makes Oryx even more interesting at play is his second side trick – the ability to climb through a hatch. This works similarly to Amaru’s Garra Hook, albeit with a few key differences. He can only jump towards the hatch. Additionally, he has the option of climbing up, then looking around the upper deck before deciding to pull himself up or drop back down. This gives the Operator better flexibility while roaming although their trick attackers will soon learn to take precautions.