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R6: Zero Guide, Abilities, Weapons, Biography And More



On August 16, Ubisoft fully disclosed Operation Shadow Legacy and introduced the first Rainbow Six Siege crossover operator, Sam Fisher. Known as Zero in Team Rainbow, Sam is a person who manipulates a 2-speed 2-speed attack. So far, he is the only person in the new training division called the Rainbow Campaign Officer. This guide will help players learn his new supportive gameplay.

Who Is Zero?


An invaluable intelligence collector, Zero is a medium speed attack operator and medium armor.

For the majority of his solo adventures, Sam Fisher is able to complete missions without killing anyone, he’s just as deadly in the world of Rainbow Six: Siege as any other moderator.

Zero Loadout

Fans of the brand Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell will get his main weapon, SC3000K, a modified version of Third Echelon’s SC3000’s. This is a bullpup rifle that excels in short and medium-range gunfights. It has all attachments out of view of ACOG, replaced with a 1.5x range. Players can also exchange guns for their Bandit’s MP7. his only sub-weapon is 5.7 USG, shared by FBI and Nøkk executives. As for his gear, he can choose to carry a clay grenade or a grenade.

Zero Ability

His Argus Launcher, also found in the Splinter Cell franchise, is a device that kicks an Argus camera onto almost any surface, including reinforced walls. Like Kali’s LV Explosive Lances, they can deal damage when darted into targets. Each camera carries damage that can be used on devices as well as the player. With the nerf to Twitch drone damage, Evil Eye damage, and utility health, the Argus camera can deal 1 damage of health. But unlike Twitch’s drones, Argus cameras can detonate Goyo’s Volcan Shields, similar to Maestro’s Evil Eye laser.

When deployed, the burrow chain has a clear audible signal, alerting guardians that the camera is sticking to the surface. For now, Rainbow Six Siege Zero operators will be equipped with four Argus cameras upon release during Operation Shadow Legacy.



Like most attack devices, electrically reinforced walls can destroy Argus cameras on contact. To go around electricity, players can aim for soft walls above reinforced walls. Mute’s interrupter can also interfere with any camera within its radius. And like other ammunition, Wamai’s Mag-NETs and Jäger’s ADS systems can destroy any camera launched within range. The player can also fire off the camera if noticed.


Well suited to his stealthy gameplay from the Splinter Cell series, Zero is an informant in a support role. He can gather information on the spot quickly or place a camera on the side of the opponent. To help hard brewers like Hibana or Thermite, his cameras can also be deployed to eliminate Interrupts, Shock Wires, Electrical Relays, and even Black Mirrors. The defender’s ability to clean up his utilities makes him a viable replacement for Thatcher. The entry fragger can push into websites more confidently, especially knowing the enemy’s location and the location of the add-on.

Tips And Tricks

Zero is an ideal character to assist a fellow Moderator or attempt to run to the back of an opposing team.

His ability to pinpoint multiple targets and disable his gadgets is a huge boon for any team, though every Argus round makes a noise when hitting position.

Thankfully, even on impenetrable surfaces, they can function similarly to Valkyrie’s cameras, sticking to, not penetrating – with the added benefit of a laser.