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Rage 2 guide – Tips and tricks for beginners

Rage 2 guide

Rage 2 is a pretty simple game – shoot mutants, save the world. But beneath that simplicity, the game’s mechanics are far more complex. It is often difficult to decide what quest you should do, what to upgrade, and how to do it. In this Rage 2 guide, we’ll help you navigate the maze’s menus, decipher its many currencies, and give you a few pointers to help you cut down on your time in the Wasteland.

Shoot The Crates – Rage 2 guide

The hardest thing about the beginning of Rage 2 can also be the weirdest, so let’s take a look at our simplest advice: Just shoot the plywood supply crates you find pretty much everywhere. everywhere – especially if they’re just sitting on the ground.

Rage 2 guide

Don’t try to melee with them because somehow you will miss, more than you think. Don’t burn a single calorie worrying about two bullets that you might have to sacrifice to explode them. It cannot. Just shoot the damn stuff, collect your loot and move on.

Embrace The Open World

When you leave the game’s intro, you’ll get the key to a (talking) car heading towards the open road. You’ll get a hint to go to the closest of the three waypoints on your map, so you can assume this means “follow up now”. But that’s not true.

The entire map of Rage 2 is open to you, you are not limited or restricted. Your map will give you a useful speed of each location with Enemy Difficulty right under the name. Don’t worry too much about actual numbers besides encounters. It’s just a scale – 2 is easy, 9 is hard.

Wasteland of Rage 2 is oddly crowded (there was more traffic in the apocalypse than we expected). And each place you visit will give you a list of Items of Interest to find there. These are things like Chests and Containers that hold very valuable gifts.

As the Rage 2 guide, check out everything that you fancy. Runaway if you get stuck in your head, but always feel free to check it out. Everything you do will get you stuff – ammo, crafting materials, upgrading parts, or NPC XP (more on this in a moment).

Upgrades Are Buried In Menus

Your menu has seven tabs at the top. Maps, Logs, and Inventory are all self-explanatory. The other four are a confusing mix of lists and upgrade trees. But they all follow the same pattern: Spend Feltrite to unlock upgrade levels, then spend a dedicated coin to unlock individual upgrades within those levels.

Take a weapon as an example:

  • You unlock the first floor when you find the Ark to get that weapon.
  • You will spend Feltrite to unlock the next level.
  • You will then use the Weapon Core Mod to upgrade (for weapons, the upgrade is called a Mod).

Projects are a bit different (but not by much).

Rage 2 guide

The first Project upgrade level will unlock when you visit the NPC. However, you don’t have to spend Feltrite to unlock additional upgrade levels (in this case, Project). Instead, you unlock the next level by purchasing two Projects at the current level.

To unlock individual Projects within those levels, you will spend Project Points as this Rage 2 guide.

You earn Project Points each time you level up one of the NPCs, after completing quests that interest those NPCs – like finding Datapads or clearing Mutie’s Nest. (Also, Project Points are universal, so it doesn’t matter who leveled up to get them – you can spend them on anyone’s Projects). You can see which encounters level up which NPCs by highlighting them on the Projects menu tab.

There are too many currencies and requirements to keep track of. But these menus are your way to turn Walker into a death machine scurrying through the Wasteland. Take a few minutes to understand them early, so you know what to look for later.

Meet Doctor Kvasir – Rage 2 guide

Speaking of Projects in this Rage 2 guide: Each Project is associated with an NPC – for example, the Basic Project tree belongs to Lilly in Vineland.

The game will let you know soon to visit the nearest Project Dagger NPC, John Marshall, first. He’s attached to the Kill & Destroy Project upgrade tree which has combat-related upgrades. Just as important, having three Arks near him earns you the Combat Shotgun and the Shatter and Grav-Jump Nanotrite abilities. All of them are priceless, so you should visit him first.

Rage 2 guide

But before you head any further into the Wasteland, your next priority should be to visit Doctor Kvasir in the west. Kvasir Search & Recovery Projects are all nano-focused and will make your life so much easier.

As soon as you can, go into the swamp to talk to him. Complete your Ground Control quest, then unlock the Container Storage and Tracking Datapad Project. (You can add any – or all – of the rest you want.) These two will make it a lot easier to delete all the places you visit.