April 21, 2021


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Rainbow Six Siege: How to play the operator Bandit



While very similar to Mute, Bandit uses a more electrical approach to counter the attackers in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. If a metal surface is nearby, chances are his shock wire will be nearby to knock down any oncoming attackers. This guide will take you through his arsenal and some dirty tricks you can perform using his skills.

Bandit operator guide


Another roaming-oriented defender, he is a great call to complement other operators, especially those like Castle or Frost.

Bandit is one of the only defense operators to have a form of wall defense, to prevent tough invaders from opening reinforcements. His role on the team is to deny access to critical vulnerabilities or vantages. He has 4 Shock Wires, but most of the objective positions in Rainbow Six: Siege have more than 4 critical walls, so the layout must be strategic.

Bandit’s Stats

  • Armor: 1
  • Speed: 3

Weapon Loadouts

He is armed with an MP7 submachine gun or an M870 pistol as the primary weapon. While the MP7 has low damage and a high rate of fire making it a devastating close-range machine gun. As a 3-speed operator, he can easily wander the map and effectively hit enemies with his MP7.

The M870 is an exceptionally powerful shotgun, but it has some of the worst damage reduction points in the game, meaning it’s very situational; However, it’s a good option if you plan to get up close and personal with the attackers and be able to open the hatch easily while he is roaming.

The bandit can only choose the P12 pistol as his side, and his reload is complete with Nitro Cell or Barbed Wire. While the electrified barbed wire is useful for occasionally destroying the drone or resisting explosives, his Nitro Cell can have more of an impact on a given ring.


He is equipped with 4 Crude Electrical Devices – or Wires – which are important equipment for the defending team. His shock wires are large, replaceable automotive batteries and can be connected to fortified defenders walls and add-ons such as barbed wire and deployable shields.

Once something has been Shock Wired, it creates a weak but constant electric field, damaging the attacking operator and possibly destroying their devices. His Shock Wires is primarily a tool to disavow hard intruders like Hibana and Thermite, as the shocks destroy their offending tools on contact.

If they are placed on top of barbed wire or deployable shields, Bandit could also refuse to attack the drone accessed through the doorways or holes of the drone. Shock Wires won’t reject the Mavericks solder lamps, but they will prevent him from standing too close.

Shock Wires do not harm the operators friendly, but they destroy most of the friendly devices that come into contact with them. Some key items that won’t cause damage include Black Mirrors, Yokai drones, and hacked Mozzie drones.

A shock wire can only charge a few devices, but the effect is immediate. This is in contrast to Kaid’s Electroclaws, which can electrify many items but have a long activation time.

Shock wires can be easily destroyed when subjected to any damage, so placement is important to minimize their visibility and therefore vulnerability.

Skill of Bandit


CED-1 of Bandit (Raw electrical equipment) can enhance anything with metal with electrical properties. Be it barbed wire fence, defensive shield, reinforcement wall, or any other electrical appliance. Reinforcing a wall is especially good as it makes breaches useless, while barbed wire can be good to know when an enemy is approaching as they will likely shoot the CED-1 out of line. barbed wire. Any gunshot or electrical noise like Thatcher’s EMP can neutralize them.