April 19, 2021


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Rainbow Six Siege: How to play the operator Blackbeard



Blackbeard is another DLC agent in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and it’s sad that he’s seen a lot of changes since he appeared. There’s a lot to learn about his personal gun and shield that will be covered in this guide, as well as how he can best support the team.

Blackbeard operator guide


Named after the famous pirate, Blackbeard has a wonderfully plump face. His main aim is to be the first when another player enters the room, taking some bullets that will surely come to your team. He comes with some key warnings.

Blackbeard is the perfect corner keeper or scorer for your team who can continually receive crucial pieces of the puzzle for your team. Compared to other angle holders like the Glaz, due to their significantly better shields and guns, he is in most cases a better choice unless you’re using a smoke tactic.

Blackbeard’s Stats

  • Armor: 2
  • Speed: 2

Weapon Loadouts


MK-17: This gun has been increased from 42-49 damage. As long as this change reaches the active servers, it’s a high-damage AR. Low ROF but high damage with good DPS, Very little recoil with the equipped shield making it a headshot machine if you can aim at the head and it has access to the angled grip that could help reduces ADS time, although most of the time you should have a gun to use a shield. Recommended attachments: Acog, Angled Brake or Flash Hider, Vertical Grip, Laser.

SR-25: Statistically, this DMR is the best, even beating the Glaz rifle. It has a very small recoil, truck-like collision, and has plenty of ammo for a semi-auto at 20 + 1. If you like to sell cars, you should have no problem having a wide kill streaks. Recommended attachments: Acog, Muzzle Brake, Vertical Grip, Laser.

Desert Eagle: The TTS has reduced recoil on this gun making it much more doable in CQB and even mid-range assuming you can hit it with a small gun size. Recommended attachments: Laser

Recommended Loadout:

  • SR-25
  • Deagle
  • Flashes or breaches depending on your team.

Gadgets of Blackbeard

His gadgets include breach charges and stun grenades. Although the shield doesn’t help you go blind when looking at a stun grenade, using it is a viable option. That said, the attack could be the tool of your choice as you can blow up a wall and move with your shield raised to take down a few opponents.


In addition to his sheer beard, he is also equipped with a TARS MK 0 Transparent Armored Rifle Shield. This gives each shield about 50 protection points. They can be swapped out when the barrier is about to break, seen in the HUD. The downside of this is that while you have two of them, the shield makes him move slowly like a speed character 1. This also doesn’t protect his teammates and makes the recoil even harder to manage. than.

Should I pick Blackbeard?

Like a clever pirate, Blackbeard is a bit confusing with his abilities. He can be devastating under the right circumstances, but he can also put himself in loads of trouble. When defenders place more traps, a more subtle approach can reap more rewards. However, he’s certainly not as bad as Tachanka is for defenders.