April 19, 2021


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Rainbow Six Siege: How to play the operator Capitao



Crossbow of Capitao is getting a big change in the latest update of Rainbow Six: Siege. As a result, the developers feel that this is going back to his original intentions of a “regional denial operator”. He’s a bit simple to use once you get the gist of his abilities.

Capitao operator guide


Crossbow of Capitao at first may seem a bit daunting, but he can combine his abilities to make it difficult for any defensive operator in his path. This guide will cover how to make good use of his crossbow, as well as the types of weapons and gadgets he equips and the recent update.

Capitao‘s Stats

Armor: 1

Speed: 3

Weapon Loadouts



  • PARA-308 Assault Rifle
  • M249 Light Machine Gun


  • PRB92 Handgun

Capitao already has the PARA-308 assault rifle and the M249 light machine gun, with the only major difference in stats being the light machine gun with lower recoil stability in exchange for much higher ammo capacity. His pistol is the PRB92, which once again has decent damage and power and has relatively good recoil control. The only point of light machine guns is that the reload speed is quite long.

Gadgets of Capitao

Gadgets can be used for a supporting role, disorienting enemies with a Stun Grenade, or you can use more separate warfare, planning your trap set with Claymores. Smoke grenades are a great addition if you want to hide your traps and just wait for enemies to accidentally enter them.

The TAC Mk0 is the most engaging weapon Capitao has in his arsenal, and with a new update, it brings change to many aspects of the game.

Bandit is definitely one of the Operators that won’t welcome this change, as whenever it’s all in it it will be a deadly trap for Bandit Tricking. Many points will also become ineffective, as the new AOE threatens every corner, drastically changing his impact on the map.


The TAC Mk0 tactical crossbow has two shots that can both asphyxiate and smoke grenades. They can be combined with Capitão’s utility choice to create a devastating effect, especially using stun grenades and choking bolts to confuse them or hide lightning in smoke.

Damage per tick has been reduced to 12 from 19, and arrows now have an orbit, with arrows falling 10 meters or more. That said, the range of effect has now increased and it takes two seconds from exploding for the arrow effect to spread. There are also some changes to how it handles raised surfaces, so you can shelter under asphyxiant bolts.

Should I pick Capitao?

The enemy may clearly understand the tricks Capitao can do, but until then, he might find it quite interesting to use. His gun has a few drawbacks, but the crossbow’s practical capabilities are even more appealing in many cases. The fact that he is now aiming for the role of “area denial” means you can fire lightning bolts to push enemies into the kill zone.