April 21, 2021


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Rainbow Six Siege: How to play the operator Caveira



Rainbow Six Siege doesn’t have many operators focused solely on stealth and roaming operations, but Caveira has scratched that itch exactly. However, some recent changes to the character may make her less attractive to certain players. This guide will tell you exactly why she died in her right hand, as well as detailing recent changes to her gun.

Caveira operator guide


She works best as a Roamer, lurking from the attacker’s drone and caught off guard by isolated enemies. After successful interrogation, she can use her Silent Walk to defeat the exposed enemy.

Her changes only made her harder to use effectively on newer players due to the nature of Rainbow Six Siege. That said, sometimes a Caveira roaming from nowhere could destroy an entire team before they know what hit them.

  • Caveira‚Äôs Stats
  • Armor: 1
  • Speed: 3

Weapon Loadouts

Luison pistol of Caveira is often the ultimate weapon, as it can reliably take down enemies for questioning. Its extremely powerful deterrent makes it a powerful close-range gun, although the M12 submachine gun and the SPAS-15 semi-automatic shotgun are often better options against groups of enemies. bigger.

She also has Luison – a PRB92 equipped with a custom suppressor. This is the weapon with the largest number of changes. The damage has been reduced from 99 to 65 from 99, which in itself is not a big deal as a single shot in the head will still kill in one hit.

The recoil and flare increased to “reinforce the character’s hunter side”. What makes the biggest change is that the damage reduction is now better suited to other pistols, meaning you need to get closer to the enemy to deal maximum damage with a normal shot.


Silent Walk skill allows her to greatly reduce her footsteps, making her an effective stealth wanderer. Silent footsteps can be activated for several seconds at once and act on cooldowns. The ability does not completely negate the sound, but she becomes much more subtle among other sound pollution.

Caveira is armed with a silencer Luison, an automatic pistol equipped with a custom silencer. Luison is designed to always place enemies in DBNO (down but not out) before completely killing them (even with a shot in the head). After taking down the attacker, she can initiate an interrogation, which will reveal the exact location of the remaining attackers for the next few seconds.

Skill of Caveira


She was the team’s top assassin because her silent walk silenced her footsteps for a short time. It’s a rechargeable ability, so there’s a cooldown when used. You can disable this capability at any time so you can recover its use more quickly. Since it never really goes away, this makes her a constant threat to your opponents.

In addition, Caveira can melee with enemies or shoot them from this state with a pistol instead of killing them. This allows her to interrogate a fallen enemy and after a quick press of a button, she will silently kill that enemy. Once she does this, the entire enemy team is flagged in full view for a brief moment for you and your allies, meaning your entire team can know exactly where the enemy is at.