April 18, 2021


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Rainbow Six Siege: How to play the operator Doc



Doc has only played a role in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege as the lifesaver for the defending team. In a game where everyone is trying to kill each other, he just wants to save his teammates’ lives with gunshots under his skin. Of course, he won’t falter at all when damaging enemies trying to kill his teammates, so this guide will show you exactly what he has to offer.

Doc operator guide


As the support operator, his role is to defend objectively and to use the Stimulus wisely. Because there are only 3 photos available from his unique equipment, they should be carefully selected.

Doc’s Stats

  • Armor: 3
  • Speed: 1

Weapon Loadouts

His P90 is an extremely difficult weapon to use but can be powerful under the right circumstances with a very high rate of fire and output. The MP5 is a more stable, reliable, and recommended weapon for most players. Rook is one of the only defenders able to equip the range of ACOGs on his SMG, and this makes the MP5 a very formidable weapon, especially at long distances.

The SG-CQB is one of Siege’s most effective pistols, partly because it uses a Vertical Grip. This is a good choice for Rook’s, who will anchor in their target or keep their fights at close range. This weapon allows Doc to easily open up new horizons for his teammates by allowing him to quickly open the hatch or a hole in the soft surface.

The LFP586 is a high powered sub-gun but its high recoil and low power mean it struggles in a gunfight. The P9 is the preferred GIGN pistol unless you have a lot of experience with the LFP586 and can make the most of its high damage output.


Doc is a support operator; A character whose primary purpose is to provide the team with additions or support benefits. In his case, he is armed with a Stim pistol, a tool that can be used to revive and heal his teammates.

Stim Pistol has 3 rounds and must be refilled between each. It fires off a slow-moving injection capable of reviving DBNO operators or healing them if they are already standing. The Stim Pistol can also be used to over-heal defenders, increasing their maximum health to potential 140HP. Despite moving slowly in the air, there was no drop or spread over the shots – they were perfectly accurate, even when shot with the hip.

Stim Pistol offers many different benefits:

  • If the operator is a DBNO, the Stim Pistol heals them at 75HP – as opposed to 20HP by reviving them manually.
  • If the operator isn’t a DBNO, the Stim Pistol heals them with 40 HP per shot – can be used multiple times
  • Doc can heal himself with his Stimulus Pistol, both during DBNO and while active – the same healing amount as above.
  • The Stim Pistol can heal any operator up to a maximum of 140HP – the additional HP slowly depletes until it reaches 100HP

The Stim Pistol can also use all of the above benefits on the enemy team. But since it requires him to manage shots manually, it is impossible to exploit. He simply had to be careful to make sure he wasn’t armed with the Stim Pistol when engaging in a fight.

He can also heal and revive the Hostages if his team accidentally injures them.

Skill of Doc


Doc is an ambulance because he can shoot a subcutaneous gunshot from his MPD-0 Stimulus Pistol to revive himself or his teammates. If it was shot at a friendly player still alive, this would provide a temporary boost instead, so could be good for a short while.