April 19, 2021


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Rainbow Six Siege: How to play the operator Echo



Echo is the only defender that, aside from a handful of monstrosities from Mozzie, has defensive drones. His men are special in that it can distract enemies, as well as jump to the ceiling. The recent update gave him a few things to think about and we’ll be covering it in detail in this new version of the guide.

As a defensive drone pilot for the defensive squad, he is one of the more advanced difficulty drivers to get used to. He has some good guns that even newer players can take advantage of.

Echo operator guide


He is an extremely polarizing operator; some people absolutely love him while others consider him almost useless. This article is here to help you understand when and why you should consider picking Echo and how to play him when you do.

Echo’s Stats

  • Armor: 3
  • Speed: 1

Weapon Loadouts


  • Supernova: Probably the worst pistol in terms of combat but quite good at punching holes in the walls. It also doesn’t come with a lot of ammo for whatever reason. In combo matches, this is the main pick due to its utility (breaking walls, opening hatches, making killer holes) but if you’re running solo or just starting out with an Echo I wouldn’t recommend it.
  • MP5SD: A pretty good main SMG can be equipped with an ACOG just like the GIGN MP5. It does the same damage as the MP5 even though the sound is muted. The silencer is good but it’s not a selling point.


  • P229: A good pistol
  • Bearing-9: It does the same damage as SMG-11 except it shoots a bit slower but has more ammo. As strong as SMG-11; Brings almost deadly in the right hand.


Deployable Shields: Useful on some maps; not so much in others. You only take this if there is a specific area that You know in advance that needs to be sealed off (eg the fireplace in the train museum on Kafe).

Barbed Wire: Barbed wire wins the game. Take it and place it near the objective entrance points; Sit back and let Yokai do the rest.

Recommended loadout:

  • Primary: The supernova with a laser if you’re playing bomb and none of your teammates have impacts/shotguns.
  • Secondary: Bearing-9 with holo sight and flash hider.
  • Gadget: Almost always barbed wire.

Skill of Echo

The Echo has access to the Yokai – a drone just like the ones the attackers will use on you, only this one has some extra features. First, it has a sound generator that can distract enemies if the explosion hits them from the waist up. It can also launch itself onto a solid ceiling to act as a camera and even complete with motion cam camouflage. You can’t take it out because you’ll lose the signal after a short while, but it won’t be destroyed when you lose the signal, so you can go out and get it back.

Tips when playing Echo


Using Yokai is not just for objective defense. With good teammates you can use it as an assault drone; Keep track of your followers, search for rooms with their attackers and disorient them to help your teammates have an easy fight.

Echo is many times more useful on bombs than hostage or safe. Not only can Yokai be able to stop cultivating a settler, but it is much easier to play the game to take back the website as the attackers have to spy on you, the Yokai, and the miner at the same time.