April 19, 2021


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Rainbow Six Siege: How to play the operator Ela


There’s nothing like a brotherly rivalry between attacker and defender to set the tone in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, and the complicated relationship of Ela with the assault team’s Zofia leads to some amusing situations. taste in the game. This guide covers that, as well as her downloads, and what her add-ons do.

Ela operator guide


As a speedy defender, Ela is best suited to move around and quickly hit attacking enemies. However, her add-ons are best suited to areas in and around objective websites, making her a powerful option for anchoring within the site as well. She is a trap operator, although her mines do not damage health.

Ela’s Stats

  • Armor: 1
  • Speed: 3

Weapon Loadouts

She is very helpful add-ons are balanced by a fairly weak and difficult loading process. Scorpion has a difficult recoil, made worse by its very high rate of fire. The F0-12 is a fast-firing semi-automatic pistol and is a clip loaded weapon that is easy to grip and use while on the move. Ela presented a rare instance of a shotgun being the better choice, due to the limited possibilities of the SMG selection.

If the circle strategy or target location requires automatic weapons, carry the Scorpion and equip it with a sun visor and vertical handle, which helps control recoil. The weapon can be changed to an in-game 3 shot, allowing you to control the rate of fire and keep the recoil low. This weapon still struggles with all long-range encounters and fires completely automatically.


Ela is equipped with a set of traps called the Grzmot Mines. Grzmot’s are tiny, sticky electronics, activated by proximity sensors. They can stick to any surface and are light, allowing her to throw them long distances. Like other traps, they can be destroyed with any kind of damage.

Grzmot’s can only be activated by the commander attacking the enemy, however, they will affect anyone in their radius, including the friendly warriors and even herself. They require a direct line of sight at the enemy to trigger their explosions; they cannot be completely hidden or they will not explode. Their effects do not deal health damage, but instead, overpower the enemy by inflicting some negative effects.

Grzmot’s ‘concussion’ enemy for seconds, blurs vision and vibrates the screen, prevents their ability to sprint, interrupts their hearing, makes movement more difficult, and disrupts any physical action – such as planting a deodorizer or putting off the offending power.

Shock effects last for approximately 6 seconds. They don’t degrade when motionless, unlike effects from the Echo’s Yokai drone. Their close radius is 4 meters, and their explosion radius is 6 meters.

Ela has a total of 4 Grzmot Mines, however, only 3 can be thrown and set as traps. The fourth is held on top of her body and can be activated manually when she enters DBNO mode.

Skill of Ela


Ela has access to the Grzmot Mines, which are near-shock devices that when exploded will cause a dizziness effect and severe white noise for a short period of time. These stick to any surface and even exist if the object it’s trapped on is shot without being hit by a mine. Direct attacks will destroy the mine.