April 19, 2021


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Rainbow Six Siege: How to play the operator Finka



Don’t wish you could get a little more from your other operators in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege with the push of a button? nano-devices of Finka can do so the hard way and can prove critical when an ally needs that boost most. However, there are some big downsides that you should be aware of, so this guide will cover those, as well as the types of weapons and gadgets she can use to supplement her abilities.

Finka operator guide


Finka was one of the newly introduced agents, and her abilities were one of the most extensive. She is also the only true “doctor” among the man who controls the attack, so she fulfills a unique role in the team structure. She also has an equivalent primary weapon, so newer players should have them right at home.

Weapon Loadouts


Spear .308

If you want to go alone slowly trying to take down the scammers and anchored “lost” around the target and then focus on the target room, use Spear.308, try to aim for the head.


If you want to be in a group and be more efficient in a group, you should choose 6P41 to use it to trick the enemy into thinking you run out of ammo, wait for them to peep, and shoot them and it can also be used as a weapon. Good close-range combined with a booster. (Personally I don’t really like it, but I can see that’s the role it plays)


If you want to follow “Rambo style” then the SASG-12 is your choice, the strong damage and fast fire rate will help you rush into enemies like no other. Usually goes over the enemy’s target to knock down everyone and then kill them.

Gadgets of Finka

You cannot make a special mistake with frag grenades with Finka. The breach charge is good to help the team, but frag grenades are fewer situations than the fairly exact nature of the breach charge.


Finka comes with Adrenal Surge – nanobots that can heal teammates for a short time and even revive teammates. When activated, this effect is global, meaning that each ally that is not completely dead will gain 20 attack points that last a relatively long time. Any ally killed will be revived with an increase of 20 hit points, as well as 5 hit points that permanently don’t disappear after the effect wears off.

Allies also get a shorter recovery time for emitting explosions and device vibrations. Interestingly, Zofia is able to recover even shorter from concussion devices since she already has basic resistance. This means they barely affect her when Adrenal Surge is active. However, that was not all, as the increase in her also allowed a significant reduction in recoil and faster aiming time.

With so much to motivate the team, there are some pretty obvious ones. Smoke’s poisonous gas has a significantly greater effect on anyone who triggered the effect, as they are breathing rapidly. It can also be canceled by Lesion’s spears hitting any affected player and Echo’s explosion hits her.

Should I pick Finka?

If the timing is right, her abilities can be difficult to manage on the defensive team. She also pairs well with characters like Ying as Finka can track her after Ying’s flash device is activated. Zofia players will also get a big advantage over concussion devices, and any operator with a high-damage gun will appreciate the reduced recoil. The defensive team has a number of plausible answers, but compared to the perks those nanobots offer, it’s hard to dispute her selection to complement certain teams.