April 19, 2021


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Rainbow Six Siege: How to play the operator Frost



Sometimes, there’s nothing like trapping your enemy in a bear trap. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege’s defensive foes have a lot of pitfalls, but none of them are as direct as Frost is because any enemies that aren’t lucky enough to enter are instantly impotent. This guide will cover how to use her “welcome mat”, as well as the weapons and gadgets she has to add to her skills.

Frost operator guide


She is one of Rainbow Six: Siege’s trap operators. Like other trap operators, there are a number of different strategies for getting the most out of her utility. Mats DBNO’s enemy players welcome to walk or jump on them and stop the player from crawling. Although they can be revived by allies, they remain an easy, open target while remaining trapped.

Since Frost only has 3 Welcome Mats, think twice about where to place them. Depending on the target position you are defending, you can anticipate how the attacking team will try to enter the building or launch their attack. How will you attack your target? Try to place them in the places you would go if you were in their place.

Frost’s Stats

  • Armor: 2
  • Speed: 2

Weapon Loadouts


She can choose from a quick-fire action shotgun or a large chopped submachine gun as the primary weapon.

The Super 90 is a fast, but relatively weak shotgun that allows her to wander through the ring by giving her the ability to open floor hatches and new lines of sight. The 9mm C1 is a stable and slow-firing submachine gun. This large clamp makes it a useful weapon in a gunfight, especially if outnumbered or when suppressing fire.

Frost is armed with a 9mm MK1 pistol as a secondary weapon, and her reloading is complete with Barbed Wire or Bulletproof Camera. Her barbed wire is a useful tool to pair with her Welcome Mat utilities, as it can help obscure them from attackers.


Frost is equipped with 3 deployable Welcome Mats, essentially a bear trap for attackers. The Welcome Mats can be placed on any flat floor surface and when activated by an attacking player put them in the Down but Not Out (DBNO) state.

The Welcome Mat’s traps can be easily destroyed by dealing damage, so it’s important to try to place them in places where the enemy can’t see them. This could be placing them below a window, in the dark, or hiding inside a barbed-wire fence.

Welcome Mats is the only trap in Rainbow Six: Siege that doesn’t use electricity or uses electricity, meaning they are the only traps that IQ can’t detect with her device and Twitch can’t counteract. Her fair Shock Drone.

Skill of Frost

The ability of Frost is the Sterling MK2 LHT, affectionately referred to as the “welcome carpet”. This is a bear trap that disrupts anyone’s ability to enter it. They can be revived by a comrade, but if the person affected is last, they’ll be killed instantly. Although unaffected by electric means, it is susceptible to gunfire, melee attacks, and explosives.