April 19, 2021


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Rainbow Six Siege: how to play the operator Fuze



Another explosive character in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege is Fuze. This attacker maneuver from the Spetsnaz division has a wide range of weapons to choose from as well as cluster attacks to surprise the unsuspecting enemies that have attempted to defend. However, it’s easy to get confused while playing this operator, so this guide will tell you about his arsenal and what you absolutely mustn’t do.

Fuze operator guide


Unlike other attack operators dealing with explosives, the Fuze can be hit or missed partially. His cluster charges were a bit chaotic, making him one of those more difficult to use effectively. However, if the explosives don’t do the trick, his weapon selection has somewhat compensated for it.

Fuze’s Stats

Armor: 3

Speed: 1

Weapon Loadouts




This is the 2nd best AR in DPS with 850 RPM, 44 dmg, and 30 bullets magazine. Hence, this weapon is better for spanking. The best accessories to use on it are the Muzzle Brake, as it has a frenetic vertical recoil, the Reflex Sight, as the Russian Reflex is the best in the game and the Vertical Grip, as it has a lot of vertical recoils. The Russian ACOG is pretty bad, but you are free to use it if you want. Do not consider lasers, as you will always ADSing and it can take your position away. Best for all ranks, but most useful for low ranks, as it can help you kill.

6P41 LMG

This is the best LMG in the whole game, but since it’s the LMG it doesn’t get much use because of its high recoil, low rpm at 680, and long ammo change, as it has 100 rounds. and reload. , but it has the highest damage among all LMG in the game. However, it has both support and support, as it can help you hold an area for a time. small. The best attachments are Flash Hider, Vertical Grip, and Reflector.



The only sub-weapon you should use with the Fuze Shield. It has high damage at 61.8 bullets, laser approach, high accuracy of fire, and fast reload ability. Use Muzzle Brake and Laser.


There’s really no reason to use weapons on this side. The only thing that sets it apart from PMM is its ammo capacity, with 18 rounds and one bullet in the chamber. But it had poor reload times, heavier damage, and no lasers. Use Muzzle Brake if you decide to use it. Never use it with his Shield.

Gadgets of Fuze

Really, you should attack the smoke grenade with the Fuze, as it allows a large number of explosions to disorient the enemy. While smoke grenades can be useful in certain circumstances, the offense is always meant to count against the match against him.

Skill of Fuze

The Fuze has the APM-6 “Matryoshka” – the cluster charge is released opposite the surface to which it is attached. This means that if the enemy has blocked the target, you can plant this plant at one end and cause chaos by flipping the switch because the ball bombs are randomly scattered inside. However, if you are taking a hostage, do not use his ability to break into the room as you will most likely kill the hostage, losing the fight.