April 19, 2021


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Rainbow Six Siege: how to play the operator Glaz



Glaz is the only operator who can play a sniper in Rainbow Six Siege, never about long-range shooting and it’s all about cleaning up rooms, corners, and aisles. However, he can still impact the game with its ability to shoot from afar, if you know how to take advantage of this unique rider. For example, when defensive squads decide to fight outside of the points of interest are located upstairs. He can be daunting to learn and takes a little practice. He can be an incredible asset to a team, or a great detriment if you have a good old school of them.

Weapon Loadouts of Glaz


Glaz has only one option of primary weapon, the OTS-03. The OTS-03 is also known as the Dragunov SVU and is a sniper rifle. Regular rifles deal 152 damage and 122 damage. If not applied, the rifle will always be a 2 shot killer shot on the body. However, when the rifle is destroyed, it will be 3 kill shots on Operator’s body with Rook’s 3 armor plates AND armor plate. This has no reason to dispose of a repressor, as leaving a weapon untouched can be fatal, rifles make a noise that is easily distinguishable from other weapons.

A semi-automatic marksmanship rifle with 10 rounds of a magazine and possibly 1 shot in the chamber. It can destroy obstacles and hatches in 3 shots. It can punch holes through windows on an airplane map, but keep in mind that the enemy operator can also shoot through these holes. Making a critical hole in the soft wall requires about 5 group shots.

Gadgets of Glaz


First, Claymores deals with roaming guardians approaching behind you, while his special range can see through smoke to provide more options for attacking entrenched enemies. Last on the list is a smoke grenade, which can be used for boosting, especially with the suppressor to cover your position as you shoot through the smoke.

Claymore: useful as a warning system on a side route that an enemy can pass, or just as an instant killer if an enemy tries to jump over an obstacle somewhere. These complement his often camping style of play.

Smoke grenades: for pushing. Best used with the suppressor to conceal your position when shooting through the smoke.

Skills and Tips

The most notable skill of Glaz is the HDS Flip Sight which allows you to see enemies at a greater distance. It also works through smoke, making coordinated attacks more viable.

He is powerful against Castle, where his rifle can shoot through Castle’s obstacles and destroy them in 13 shots. Besides, he is also very good at coping with smoke, because his infrared range can easily see through the toxic gas of Smoke.

The Bank map also gives him an advantage because of its glass windows. You just roll around in those giant glass windows and shoot everyone inside from afar.

Glaz can take down enemies in Presidential Aircraft because he can shoot through windows. However, you have to expect that the hostage/chemical/bomb is in the passenger area, otherwise, he will struggle because of the narrow corners.

He can also dominate the game on the Kanal map when the point of interest is in the control room. Most defensive teams will try to snipe attacking teams because they are in an open position. However, he can easily pick them out one by one.