April 19, 2021


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Rainbow Six Siege: How to play the operator Goyo



Goyo is the executive guard for “Fuerzas Especiales” (or FES). He was released on September 9, 2019, as part of Operation Ember Rise. This page includes everything you need to know about his gadgets, weapons, synergies, counter, and platform.

Goyo Role


He is best used as an anchor – and will make the most of his Volcán shields if he is in a safe position to use them. The shield can only be activated by destroying the red boxes located in the back, so finding a position in an objective room or adjacent hallway to track down an attacker is ideal.

Even so, his equilibrium stats make him a good man at all deals, as his Vector and Semi-Automatic pistols can be used effectively when roaming.

Weapon loadouts

Few operators can say this, but Goyo has no wrong choice in its loading process. The Vector .45 ACP is a well-balanced SMG which should be suitable for most players, while the TCSG12 carries the ACOG no problem taking down enemies if you can hit them on target.

What you choose depends on how much you can shoot. Vector is ideal for wall spraying and high-altitude shootouts, but if you can reliably hit with the TCSG12, it will be very profitable. Especially if you are anchored off the objective or shooting at a longer distance.

In terms of utility, you also have many options. Impact Grenades is useful for creating a swing hole, better suited for a mobile player on the move. Meanwhile, Nitro Cell is better for absolute framing and will help deal with nasty shields that roll onto targets.

Rounding out his kit is the P229 pistol. There’s no choice here, so I can’t tell you what’s best. However, it is a solid performer with a fast rate of fire and decent damage per shot, so it is a reliable backup.


Volcán Shield of Goyo allows him to defend strategic positions using a fire canister in the back. Detonating this box will temporarily ignite the area around the shield – and can quickly eliminate any players trapped in its radius.

While the flames itself are easy to avoid, he can place multiple Volcán Shields and can use them to slow down an oncoming team, especially in rooms where a quick and safe violation often occurs.

Goyo Background & Lore

  • Real Name: Azucena Rocío Quispe
  • CTU: Fuerzas Especiales (FES)
  • Birthday: June 10th (Age 31)
  • Place of Birth: Culiacán Rosales, Mexico
  • Height: 1.71m
  • Weight: 83kg

César Ruiz Hernández was 11 years old when a bomb destroyed his home, killed his father and sister, and severely injured his mother. With the help of Expert Azucena Rocío” Amaru “Quispe, mother César’s Sofia taught him to observe his surroundings and avoid other boys of the same age from being drawn into gang-related cases where he graduated Teniente de corbeta.

Goyo joined the Navy Infantry, then the Infantry Commando Battalion was deeply involved in anti-smuggling operations and a number of well-known arrests. a member of Fuerzas Especiales introduced to him the fact that drugs are no longer the main source of income for the gangs. He began partnering with UNESCO and INTERPOL to combat the antiques trade, where he has been noted by Rainbow as a sharp strategic mind and outstanding progressive mindset.