April 19, 2021


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Rainbow Six Siege: How to play the operator Gridlock

Gridlock has been out for a few weeks now and players can get plenty of data on how well she is. This moderator is the star of any roaming defender, thanks to her little gifts – her Trax Stingers. However, she has a lot more to offer for novice players and those who have been veterans during the past four years of updates to this strategic shooter.

Gridlock operator guide


In our guide, we’ll look at her stats, weapon load, gadgets, and abilities to see how useful she is, as well as some tips for using her. , which operators she is good at and is suitable for her abilities.

Gridlock’s Stats

  • Armor: 3
  • Speed: 1

Weapon Loadouts


Gridlock has an interesting set of tools. She is armed with the F90 and M249 SAW LMG assault rifles as the main gun, the Super Shorty shotgun and the 9mm SDP pistol as the second, and Smoke Grenades and Breach Charges as secondary gear.

As for the primaries, it’s up to personal preference, although most people prefer the F90 due to its super easy recoil and a higher rate of fire, the SAW isn’t a bad choice either. . It is almost identical to Capitao’s LMG except that the congestion has 60 bullets in one go, while Cap has 100 rounds and SAW reloads faster. Both are good options, but if you are new to mesh locks, I should probably start with the F90. For attachments, I recommend using ACOG, Compensator / Flash Adapter, and Vertical Stand on both the F90 and SAW.

For the second person, don’t use SDP. Not because it’s bad, but because Super Shorty is better in all cases. You don’t have to carry the Shorty for destruction but to use it, and because you have a secondary shotgun, you won’t need to carry Breach Charges and you can run Smokes, a key part of the kit. her tool. Shorty is great for making holes, but be wary of the 3 small bullets it holds.

Gadgets of Gridlock

Gridlock has a choice between smoke grenades or a piercing charge. If you suspect that there is a wanderer nearby or another guard in the area you are attacking, smoke grenades can help disguise the fact that you have some Trax Stingers. Breaching the charges might help your team a bit, but the combination of her utility and the smoke grenade is too tempting to ignore.

Skill of Gridlock

Trax Stinger is a widget that gets thrown to the ground, before further deploying Trax around it. It goes quite a distance from the center, totaling around three Trax thick, so it’s very obvious when fully deployed.

You can throw it through holes blown in the floor with a shotgun or above a reinforced wall where you have blasted a hole. However, destroying them or accidentally entering them will make a loud noise, possibly alerting you to an oncoming enemy player. The explosives will destroy most, if not every Trax Stinger.

Defenders will take 10 damage points each time Trax Stinger steps on, regardless of whether they are armored or not, blasting at it through Nomad’s utility. Even if it’s a small Trax Stinger, it still deals 10 damage.